Driving success in Timeshare Holiday Campaigns

Timeshare Campaigns

Travel and Tourism are the trendiest industries, and people worldwide like to invest in them. This industry’s trend of timeshare realities became popular in the late 1990s.

Timeshare is a competitive package for the holidaymakers. Here, they will have access to an impressive line of hotel brands so that customers can enjoy their holidays. If you are an average holidaymaker, then you have ample choice to select from the Timeshare.

Timeshare companies thus run through intense competition and exert more effort to engage and retain existing customers.

“I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy.” – Anais Nin

For this, the timeshare companies often have to face these four challenges:

  • How do we recognize marketing strategies that improve customer engagement?
  • How do we diagnose customer behavior and thus target the marketing campaigns?
  • How to improve sales?
  • How to develop a retention program?

At Fusion CX, we have helped our clients attain perfection by solving their four queries as mentioned above. For that, we have, prospective timeshare campaigns to further help our clients.

Improving Customer Engagement

According to the current level of engagement, we divide customers into several bases. This segmentation is done under the following categories:

  • Most Valuable Customers
  • Growing Customers
  • Marginal Customers
  • Loss-Making Customers

After this segmentation, it becomes easy for our client to design loyalty programs for their valuable and growing customers. The loss-making customers help reduce the cost of servicing them. This helps engage the customers at a higher level and generate profitable timeshare leads.

Marketing Campaigns

Members were segmented according to the frequency and volume of transactions made. At Fusion CX, we use the data to understand the customer’s behavior. Our client thus forecasts whether a member will make a booking. This insight helps us optimize the communication programs and retain the target prospects. These savings generated from the customers who wanted to book boosted the sales conversion rate.

Improvement in the Sales Graph

The data collected in the timeshare campaigns at Fusion CX is generally transient and more permanent, and it lets our client get tangible benefits. Understanding the customer’s attitudinal trends can help you communicate effectively and thus improve sales.

Generation of Appropriate Retention Campaigns

The logistics of using timeshare campaigns help the client identify the target prospects and give them appropriate retention campaigns. Timeshare companies use this data in separate retention programs to recognize the target prospects, thus saving large amounts on direct marketing costs and reducing attrition.

Additional Services Given at Fusion CX

Timeshare campaigns have increased the effectiveness of timeshare companies, and they can cater to better customer service. At Fusion CX, we have added some extra benefits that include:

  • To understand the customers and their buying trend
  • Slashing the customer retention
  • Increased market efficiency
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