How to assess the competency and affordability of customer service providers?

It is imperative to figure out whether your customer service providers are competent enough or not. Call center outsourcing to be precise appointing a call center service provider is a business decision that cannot be taken in haste. Coming to how to assess the potentials of the service providers, here are a few points that need to be taken care of.

The quality of the service: This is definitely the most important concern while outsourcing. And to figure out- well having a look at the past performance records is an option, having a word with the past clients might also help but the best way is to ask for live demonstrations even for free trails of services.

The nest important concern is the pricing of the services. Under the prevailing marketing conditions one of the main motives of call center outsourcing is cost cutting. Hence it is necessary to develop a fair enough idea of the outsourced call center pricing. And for the purpose you need to inquire about the two aspects of pricing.

  • How do the service providers charge? Payments can be made on per call basis or per minute basis. However, it is the latter that is considered to be a more reasonable option. But at the end of the day it is the specific business needs and requirements that have the ultimate bearing on the decision as to which pricing arrangement to opt for.
  • What is the exact billing cycle? It is always recommended to go for simple and straight forward monthly billing. The 28 days billing period as followed by many call center companies is often very illusive.

Another thing your business enterprise needs to ensure is that the contract can be terminated at any point of time.

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