Call Center Trends 2020: What Does The Future Hold?

Call Center Trends 2020

In this connected world, call centers are evolving into experience centers where customer experiences are shaped. Modern contact centers handle customer support, interaction, data collection, and enhancing knowledge. As we look forward to 2020, technological advancements like automation, chatbots, real-time analytics, workflow technology, and advanced authentication processes are set to revolutionize the industry. However, the importance of human agents will remain crucial, especially in handling complex and emotional issues. In this blog, we discuss the Call Center Trends 2020 and how they are shaping the future of customer service.

Call Center Trends 2020: What to Expect

1. Transformation of Customer Service

Customer service is rapidly evolving due to new technological trends. With AI, bots, and IoT, the need for human involvement in routine tasks will decrease. Smart devices will soon be able to request help automatically, reducing human intervention.

2. Automation with AI

Currently, call center agents manually perform many tasks, such as categorizing, tagging, and responding to basic queries. In 2020 and beyond, contact centers will automate these simple processes using workflow technology, automation, and machine learning. This shift will allow human agents to focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

3. Managing Social Media Complaints

Customers increasingly use social media to express dissatisfaction with poor customer service. This trend can harm businesses, as a single negative incident can go viral. In 2020, as social media functionality increases and connectivity improves, the barriers to complaint entry will reduce, putting more pressure on customer service centers.

4. Increase in Real-Time Support

Real-time customer support is becoming essential for enhancing customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Adding real-time support options like web chat to your website lets customers know you are always available to help. Real-time support aids in:

  • Engaging customers
  • Making the purchasing process convenient
  • Enhancing conversion rates
  • Solving customer concerns promptly

5. Personalization is Key to Lead Generation

Personalized experiences are crucial for business success in a saturated market. Studies show that 57% of customers prefer buying from websites that offer personalized recommendations, and 56% are more likely to return to sites with customized product suggestions. Personalized service significantly improves lead generation chances.

6. Hybrid Customer Support is a Must

Today’s customers expect the same service excellence across all channels, including social media and phone calls. A comprehensive customer support strategy encompassing all aspects is essential. Hybrid customer support, combining chatbots and messengers, will become increasingly popular. Chatbots offer interactive conversations, while messengers enhance customer-business interactions. Both should be integral to your customer support strategy.

Embracing the Future with Fusion CX

The call center industry is changing rapidly thanks to AI, social media involvement, automation, and IoT. Fusion CX has adapted to these changes, offering a wide range of services, including web chat, voice, email, social media support, and AI-assisted chatbots. Are you ready to meet future customer demands? Fusion’s extensive service offerings can help.

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