A Call Center – For the Customer, Of the Customer and By the Customer

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The biggest challenge of a call center is to keep up with the ROI generation for their B2B and B2C clients, in any situation. BPOs have to foster business growth and work on product popularity in order to keep up the customer support for their clients across global platforms.

Call center agents need to strategize their calls to make it effective and must benefit the customer. A call must resolve different queries of the customer, introduce him or her to a product or service they might need, focus on storytelling of brands and most important to make the customer keep coming back.

Being in the business for nine years, Fusion CX too faces this challenge to keep up with the clients’ demands both in good and worse situations. Fusion CXites have to work hard on every point of view shared with the customers to enhance customer satisfaction level, referrals and bring repeat business.

Fusion CX strives to design a call center for the customer, of the customer and by the customer with the use of six gentle steps. We tiptoe to success with brighter insights strategizing our moves to surpass the call center challenges.

Hold on, as we will take you for a short ride to give you an idea about how we do it!

It’s Skill That Matters

Offshoring customer service needs were previously a matter of cost-cut, but with exposure offshoring brings on more benefits that include – flexibility in call hours, outstanding communicational skills, multilingual support, etc.

Fusion CX as a state-of-the-art BPO staffs their workspace with pool of talents who work 24/7 to help business with their customer support. Some of the customer service skills that Fusion CXites possess:

  • Multi-tasking capabilities that help us to keep the customers on the line (not on hold, as call-hold is irritating) while making relevant researches to their inquiries.
  • Fusion CXites possess great analytical skills that transform them into problem solvers
  • We embark on keeping our agents updated so as not to miss the important aspects in the calls

Stay updated or Stay Foolish

Though we employ skilled agents, we maintain a consistent learning session during every campaign. This helps to upgrade the call performance. Learning process includes a manager listening to the calls with feedback on how agents could improve the customer satisfaction level.

When an agent fails to perform, we ask them to share it with the team, as it could be a great customer service example. We held in-service meetings to give Fusion CXites a chance to discuss their customer calls and come up with the ways to eradicate unnecessary call hindrances.

Gain Higher Customer Satisfaction through Multi-Channels

Apart from handling calls, Fusionites also handles email-marketing campaigns, texts, Live Chat conversations, social media posts, etc. This requires agents to have special training in handling multiple-channels.

However, different teams might prefer specific roles, but all must strive to bring in business during peak periods, vacations, and holidays.

Measure the Call Effectiveness

It is a part of our daily business to measure the call efficiency against the preset goals within our call center.

For example, the call volume Fusion CXites handles each day is the measure of success, then at this instance we will prefer to streamline and measure the call answer speed and estimate the time customer was on the phone. If customer satisfaction is the key indicator of our success, then a completed customer survey will get a consideration as our measuring metric.

Access to the Right Technology

Fusion CX considers the use of cloud applications such as call routing, ticketing systems, and escalation systems. We have implemented cloud-based employee scheduling tools to allow the agents check their schedules without feeling the need to call someone.

Fusion CX is after the tools that streamline call center functions and make agents spend less time on admin work and have more time for the customers.

Capability Of Collecting Huge and Reliable Data

Fusionites are able to gather huge information that benefits or B2B and B2C clients in any campaign. Customer contacts, demographics, and customer preferences are some of the data that our agents collect while they are on the marketing calls or respond to the emails. This data is further put to use in our future marketing campaigns.

To offer customer-oriented services is one of our mottos. With the use of these six ways, we strategize our call center moves to benefit business irrespective of their size.

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