Agent Training – The Key to Call Center Success

Call Center Agent Training

There is never a better time to train the contact center staff.

You will come across agent training tips in the contact center websites and expert comments from the various call center managers. However, all stresses on the key factor – training of employees is a key point for any organization.”

Initial training of the agents on all equipments consist of different aspects of soft skills like – communication, empathy, and the ability to convey the message in a clear and understandable way to the client.

In addition to that, the contact center supervisors need to initiate training focused on the product issues. As the clients, who come to outsource their business need to know, that the contact center will provide them with proper customer support and sales of their products and services.

Knowing this theory is not going to win bigger opportunities for you. Rather, you have to speculate measures and make the training sessions effective.

Fusion CX like other contact center services includes the practice in training and has training labs to stimulate the learners. The call center needs a set of tools to give an opportunity to the advisor to interact with the agents properly and simulate them for future processes. If the agents fail to achieve the quality standards and operational levels, then the advisor must continue with the training sessions.

The majority of contact center company is of the opinion that successful customer relationship lies in training and motivating their team.

Training Your Agent with Appropriate Contact Center Technology

When we talk about agent training in the contact center field, we have to carry a statistic in our hand. The wide quoted statistics says that, 20% of the people remember what they hear, 30% of what they see. Combining these two aspects, the ratio becomes 50%.

Making people aware of what they need to do, along with retention of information, scales up to 70% and more. Studies show that people learn fast when they participate in an activity.

Call centers must stress on a motto while they take on to train their agents – “each day will be a better day than the previous,” to set confidence and zeal among their agents. Weekly routine sessions are a constant ritual that is going to give agents a chance to show where they are heading. It will also help them to move the operating levers and find a suitable path for effective customer support.

We have recognized that agent training takes time, and time costs money. However, we have developed ways of training that can be delivered in the workplace using the idle time.

Making the Agents Remember What They Need to Say – set this trend in your contact center to leverage befitting services to customers and clients. Deploy live, call quality monitoring and phrase to make your agents well equipped.

The adoption of such a solution would allow agents to enjoy the benefit collectively and have their own private mentor and trainer sitting on their shoulder. Thus, agent will be able to remember:

  • What they must say to the customers
  • What they forgot to say to the customers
  • Where they are wrong in their approach
  • Whether they were speaking too loud or too soft, too fast or too slow

All the agents need to aim for  customer happiness and not just for customer satisfaction at the end of every call. Thus, enabling a flexible agent training campaign is must for all the major call center companies.

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