Answering Services at Fusion CX And Its Changing Face

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Whenever you have some medical requirements and you call up the hospital or medical practitioners at the wee hours, who picks up your phone? The office is not open at late hours, then who interacts with you?

Are you wondering? Nothing to wonder, it is the answering service, that the medical practitioners have enabled to help people in the late hours.

The survey done by The Journal of Family Practice shows, that the doctor responds to 67% of the answering service messages almost immediately and they prove effective for both doctors and patients.

It does not matter whatever time it may be, you can always reach your doctor. Fusion CX has modified their answering service and has taken it to the next level to offer medical answering services on behalf of their clients from the healthcare industry.

Take for example, if you are sick and need doctors’ advice, then I think answering service is the way out for your practitioners. As the office of the doctor remains closed at late hours, the answering service is going to provide prompt service to patients.

Well, we here at Fusion CX blog is going to explain to you the working of answering services.

What happens when a customer calls at the doctor’s office that has enabled answering service?

  1. It is late night you need a little doctor’s advice as your son is sick. You called up knowing about the closed office.
  2. You end up speaking to someone and they page the doctor for you, isn’t it awesome!
  3. Who answered? Are those open lines of communication?

Do you know with whom you spoke? – You spoke with an answering service. Do you want to know to whom the phone carrier sends the call to the doctor’s office?

As the doctor’s office is closed, the phones transfer the call to the answering service via call forwarding. The BPO company sends out the voice call to the answering service department along with a 10 digit ANI (like caller ID).

At Fusion CX, our answering service department, and the PBX identify the call. PBX follows a dial plan and sends the voice and data of the particular call to an answering service operator like us.

We have our best and experienced call center services agent at the right end of the phone who is ready to greet in a courteous manner. Then you speak with our agents relaying your message and the urgency. Our agents are there to listen to your problem that is against the doctor’s protocol.

The Fusion CX answering service department follows a protocol to reach the doctor. Our answering service thus relays the message to the physician on call by patching through their phone. You then get to speak to your respective doctor, and he responds to the call to render great advice.

What We Need To Maintain In The Answering Service?

Fusion CX being the leading contact center provides effective answering service across the global destination maintains the 5 pillars of growths.

  • Safety
  • Efficiency for patients
  • Effective message service for both patients and doctors
  • Timely responses
  • Patient-centered services

Get through all your medical requirements with Fusion CX’s steadfast answering service.

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