Amplify Business Results with Voice of the Consumers (VOC) via Best in Class Contact Centers

Voice of the Consumers (VOC)

Businesses keep saying that the customer is their king, but do they really mean it? I mean, if it is true, why do companies fail in providing effective customer service? Why the customers keep on complaining?

Business in 2013 must realize the fact by now that – “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because no customers, means no company.” Companies must agree with this idea, to widen their business globally breaking all the barriers.

Most of the companies switch their customer service maintenance to best-in-class outsourcing centers. These are not just any companies but big brand names like Ford, Coco Cola, Nike, etc. If you want to give your business a global approach, outsourcing centers can be your greatest partners.

With the days, even the contact centers are changing at a large scale and they are using abundant technologies to help their clients have effective customer service.

One such introduction in call center technology is Voice of the Consumer (VOC). This is the technology that allows companies to access the mind of the buyers and analyze the customer feedback in 5 different ways:

#1. Develop Effective Marketing Plans

With the customer feedback, the companies can plan their step-by-step marketing procedures. So that they can close, the potential leads with fewer hassles.

#2. Support the Sales Conversions

Accessing the mind of the customers denote that you are able to know the needs and the wants of the customer beforehand, that too associated with a particular product. This is the most effective step to generate higher sales conversions.

#3. Train Customer Service Personnel

The VOC is a great aid to the call center representative. As you know the customer’s mind, you can give the prompt support to the customers individually. Thus, call center agent facilitates different business though effective telemarketing.

#4. Launching Of New Products

If you are thinking to launch a new product, then VOC is a great source to survey on the particular product and create a customer base beforehand. Contact centers like Fusion CX, are thus benefiting major companies through outbound campaigns and the use of VOC in different projects.

#5. Increase the Employee Engagement

With the use of VOC, the call center agents do not have to face the irate customers and thus engage the campaign towards bigger productivity.

The equation, which the contact centers, has proved by the use of VOC (Voice of the Consumer) is: VOC = ROI.

Check out the data sheet of companies who are using the outsourcing call centers for having the advantage of VOC in comparison to those who are not using it. You will notice the major change in the revenue collected by each of them at the end of the year.


To make the companies top-class and reap higher revenues, contact centers follows 4-step path. Even we at Fusion CX embrace the four paths to success.

What Are Those Paths?

  1. Incorporating customer feedback to the business decisions of the client companies
  2. Listening to the customers over the social media platforms
  3. Synchronizing the multiple channel activities to boost business productivity
  4. Enabling the automated VOC process for both small and big businesses

Stay with the next generation call center to generate higher revenue and better sales. Let your business shine!

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