5 Obstacles That Call Center Customer Often Faces

Call Center Customers

Present researches say that, the number of calls placed in contact center grows by 20% every year. This upsurge is due to the number of tasks covered by call centers. Even a part of the surge is due to customers calling from their mobile phones.

You can witness a sharp increase in customers giving up after they place the call. It was 5% in 2003, and it rose to 13% in 2010. It rises when customers have to go through multiple options and messages. The resolution rate for the calls is 50%, and it may be high as 70% if the senior level gets involved. They still lag behind the call center industry‘s resolution rate, which is around 85%.

If you want to get help from the call centers, then it is just like crossing the Olympic hurdles. They have to face both technical and operator’s hurdles. Here, we will share 3 technical and 2 operator’s hurdles that the customers often face, when they dial up a call center.

Technical Hurdles

  • Complex Menu

A menu of a call center comes with multiple layers and offers four or more choices in each layer. This worsens if the contact center has a poor performing Voice Recognition System. Time generally gets wasted listening to the options. This builds stress, and if one hears the options incorrectly or hits the wrong numbers, it further worsens. When it takes time to reach the operator, customer on the phone turns irater.

  • Kept on Hold

Why may be the customer kept on hold?

In a survey done in a major bank in the United Kingdom, being kept on hold was found to be the main reason for which customers leave the bank services. At Fusion CX, our customers prefer to talk to the Live Agents in order to explain their complex issues.  We try to avoid the canned music or time wasting plug or ad, which might displease our consumers. We value our customers’ time and money.

Customers say that they prefer to listen to the engaged tone than being held in a queue. What may be the call center customer feeling in this immediate situation? They feel frustrated, impatient, and lonely. Above all, they think that the company does not care about them.

  • Paying Extra Charge for the Call

The call center has switched over from free to non-free numbers. A well-known airline company is now charging their customers a dollar a minute after hours and even on weekends. Well, we think customers prefer to have a free call option. The story changes when the line has a minimum rate call charge.

At Fusion CX, we have availed the system of call back through our automated systems. Our caller just needs to login with the Caller ID, and they automatically get a call back from our customers.

Operator Hurdles

  • In-House Call Center Is Ineffective

Outsourcing to the third party or an offshore call center should be in the upfront. Customers get efficient support, which the in-house sales team fails to provide. As they have to carry on with the other core business duties, so they often neglect the customer support.  Outsourcing companies offer excellent customer support and fosters a smooth relationship with your potential customers.

  • Multilingual Support

The onshore operators often fail to provide the multilingual support. The offshore call centers, besides speaking excellent English can speak in multiple languages, thus exposing your business over the global market.

Steps to Remove the Hurdles

They can remove the hurdles to make the customer experience a smoother one. Do you want to know how?

  • Agent must receive the phone, keeping an ample of options in hand
  • Agent must provide the customer with the full name and surname
  • Agent must promise to look into the problem quickly
  • Agents must ask the customers, what it might take to meet their needs and requests
  • Agents must ask if they fail to understand anything or if the customer does not understand anything
  • Call center agents must have a conversation with other branches to find a solution to their customer problems

At Fusion CX, we employ our best agents with the right processes and under a good management, to satisfy every need of our customers. Stay equipped to provide quality solutions to customer.

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