10 Top-Notch Reasons Why Startups Must Outsource Bookkeeping Services

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Startups face a lot of difficulty to get the ball rolling as a business expense, and the maintenance cost crawls up over time. Startup entrepreneurs have to wear many hats at a time, as they are the sole manager of their business.

There are many facets in business which is time consuming and costly. Bookkeeping is one such facet that makes Startups face complexity. Bookkeeping services need expert assistance. Being a Startup it is not possible to hire a full-time accountant, it is better if you outsource the bookkeeping services.

At present, around 40% of businesses in the US and UK prefer to outsource their bookkeeping services. It is just not a trend, but it is cost saving and a perfect alternative to expensive in-house bookkeeping. If your business enables 30 to 60 transactions per month, then outsourcing is the only option that can help you to reduce the cost and thus lessen your effort.

Fusion CX, the fastest growing outsourcing destination spread across four countries in the globe – USA, UK, Philippines and India provide unparallel bookkeeping services. Fusion CX welcomes all Startups irrespective of their size to let them enjoy bookkeeping services at a flexible price.

  • Why must Startups outsource?
  • How can outsourcing help Startups other than saving their money?

Fusion CX narrates the ten perfect reasons to the above questions, let us read on:

1) Reduce the Operational Cost

Staffing an in-house bookkeeper is no doubt expensive. Since, it include different direct cost such as payroll tax, medical insurance, retirement plan, expense of hiring and training along with the salary. For Startups, carrying out such a large expense is difficult.

With the use of outsourcing, Startups will be able to reduce the headcount of employee, avoid delays due to sick leaves, turnover and reduce the cost of associated with staffing, training and other benefits.

2) Time Saving

Most of the Startups starts prefer to do their book themselves. This deters their focus from the core business aspects. By outsourcing the accounting task, Startups can stop wasting their valuable time and concentrate on the core business tasks. Allow a professional to take care of your bookkeeping needs so you will get more time to focus on what you do best.

3) No More Errors

In a Startup business, the owner himself is the chief operational officer. Since, he or she wears too many hats from bookkeeping to marketing to sales, so it is possible to make errors. As he lacks both time and energy, it is better to outsource bookkeeping services and reduce mistakes.

4) Business Gets an Expert’s Assistance

Outsourcing your bookkeeping services gives you the instant access to expert accountants 24/7. Professional experts maintain a precise and accurate record and works quickly to keep your data up-to-date. The experts employed at Fusion CX have formal training and practical experience in many areas of accounting. Fusion CXites assist Startup business to avoid penalties with inaccurate paperwork and underpayments, thus upgrade the quality of bookkeeping.

5) Flexibility in Staffing

What can you do when your staff takes a sick leave or goes on a vacation or maternity leave? You still need to pay your bills, make deposits and fulfill the payroll. With outsourcing, you get flexibility in staffing as an outsourced bookkeeper can give you assistance anytime you desire. Fusion CX tailors both – short-term assistance or full-time assistance to Startups.

6) Consistency in Cash Flow

In-house bookkeeping services cannot let you save money. Outsourcing bookkeeping services will optimize the cash flow by helping delay outlays of cash as long as possible. In turn, you can encourage anyone who owes you money to pay it as soon as possible.

7) Cut the expense on Technology

When you outsource bookkeeping services, you no longer need to equip your business with oodles of technology. At Fusion CX, we stay equipped with updated accounting software, cloud-based accounting services that help both our clients and accountants to access records through browser allowing seamless integration of data.

8) Raise Your Efficiency

Startups can manage resources effectively by delegating bookkeeping services to experts and trained accountants who can expedite your bookkeeping job faster and in the most cost-effective way. Bookkeeping cleanup is the recent trend, which our clients at Fusion CX prefer to outsource as they want to trim down errors in their records.

9) Seek Sound Advice

A superior outsourcing service comes power-packed with professional resources of an accounting firm and personal attention of an advisor. Fusion CX is the fastest growing outsourcing company who helps Startups to refine their business goals and implement steps to reach those goals.

10) Restore Peace of Mind

Maintaining the financial records is stressful. With outsourcing, you can stay stress free. Since, your business gets expert assistance in maintaining your financial records in order. Fusion CX maintains a high-order of data security to safeguard client’s financial information and grow their trust.

Fusion CX gives realistic guidance to Startups on the optimal ways to grow their business, create value and improve the bottom-line. Outsource your bookkeeping services with Fusion CX, to access accounting expertise anytime from any location.

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