How The Airlines Industry Can Benefit From BPO Industry

In recent years, the airlines industry has faced major challenges like rising fuel cost, changes in environmental regulations, and an ever-rising customer expectation. To cope with them, most airlines are looking for ways to reduce cost while meeting the environmental regulations and customer expectations.

In such a situation, business process outsourcing (BPO) can offer the airlines industry fast and simple solutions that help small and medium airlines survive the tumulus time and prepare them for future growth and expansion. The BPO solutions include a number of benefits including cost reduction, the biggest challenge for airlines these days. These are:

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  • Reduction of the cost structures and making it transparent
  • Focus on the customers’ needs despite cost-cutting
  • Customer retention
  • Better planning capacity and inventory management based on hard data
  • Consolidation of delivery operations to standardize business processes

Thanks to the latest technological breakthroughs, BPOs today can provide a wide number of custom solutions to the airlines industry. From AI-assisted customer service to rescheduling, delays, and cancellation assistance, a modern BPO can handle it all.  Some of the most popular processes that airlines are outsourcing to BPOs are:

Ticketing – BPOs are equipped to handle ticketing and reservation processes for airlines of any size.

Customer Service – Customer service has been a forte of BPOs from the very beginning. With AI-assistance, customer service agents are now better equipped to help the customers faster and with increased efficiency.

Online Payments Processing (Payment IVR) with Fraud Detection – Any PCI-DSS certified BPO can process online payment securely on behalf of an airline. From secure payment processing to fraud detection, everything is done with astute precision.

Flight Information Services and Inquiries – BPOs can easily handle flight information services and inquiries in real time.

Rescheduling, Cancelling, and Delay Handling – From Rescheduling, cancellation, to delay handling, a BPO can manage everything expertly without causing the slightest problem to the customers.

Lost Baggage Tracing and Customer Support – Lost baggage tracing can be quite frustrating to a customer. But the customer support experts in a BPO can handle the situation quite well, turning a negative experience into a positive one. With AI-enabled solutions, a BPO can provide effective customer support that improves customer experience.

Class Upgrades and Other Services – Upselling and cross-selling are something BPOs are doing since the very beginning. Therefore, airlines can always hire BPOs for class upgrades and other related services.

Loyalty Program Management – BPOs can handle frequent flier loyalty programs for the airlines and help them retain more customers.

Campaign Management – A well-executed sales campaign can help airlines attract new business or enter a new market. And no one can manage a sales campaign better than a BPO.

By outsourcing these processes, airlines can bring efficiency to its customer service and business processes and reduce the operation cost simultaneously.

As a major player in the global BPO industry, Fusion CX has already helped a number of clients with custom, scalable customer service and business process solutions that build strong customer relationships, improve operational efficiencies, and help the airlines enter new markets.

Our multilingual agents are trained to handle a comprehensive range of services such as- customer care (from inquiries to emergencies), fares, reservation, and ticketing via a number of communication channels. Many of our agents are trained in GDS and different partner solutions. We also have IATA certified personnel in our team. We are fully equipped to deliver AI-based low-cost, high-impact digital, business process, and customer engagement solutions to the airlines industry.

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