Fusion CX Stays Ahead with HIPAA Compliant Call Center Service

HIPAA Compliant BPO Service

Hospitals and medical practitioners often need to look for the best medical answering service. Not just to keep their customers satisfied with the happy retreat but also to make them gain confidence in the company and their products/services.

When you choose a contact center offering you a medical answering service, you have to consider its every potential point, like – the price charged, CSR training, 24/7 support, and testimonials from previous clients.

However, if you want to secure your customers’ information and are careful about their exchange, please ensure that the answering service you choose is HIPAA Compliant. This is the topmost priority, and your contact center must make their answering services confidential and safe for your customers or patients.

HIPAA – What is it?

Came into action by the Congress in 1996, HIPAA or the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. It was established to protect every patient’s privacy and ensure that the patients’ files never get shared with another party without the patient’s consent, preferably written consent. If your business deals with patients, you must activate the medical answering service and ensure that the contact center that disburses such service is HIPAA compliant.

What Should You Look In A Medical Answering Service?

Please make sure that the answering service provider follows HIPAA. Fusion CX and its customer representatives have completed the appropriate training to meet all regulations. Our agents attend regular training and workshops to stay updated on any new HIPAA regulations. We also train each CSR to deal with patients on the phone when they discuss personal health information. CSRs have to be sensitive and ensure that the caller and his information remain secure in our hands.

You also have to check that the contact center and its staff are not just answering the patients’ phone calls but helping patients with health information. Make sure that the contact centers give them the proper training. Check with the vendor that the data is stored and that they have a disaster security and recovery system to restrict potential hackers or system failures.

We updated our answering service technology at Fusion CX since, being the leader in BPO services, we know regular updates can prevent future errors.

Security Measures

An answering service must possess some other things to ensure that the patient’s information and data are safe in their hand. Go through the following list to know what the leading contact center can offer you through the answering service. Make sure you choose a contact center that is HIPAA Compliant.

  1. Protected email portals
  2. Having fax covers that include privacy statements
  3. No visitors allowed in the secured areas
  4. Secure systems installed to dispose of medical data
  5. System to hide the information from those who walk by

Fusion CX implements all these rules at the contact center to provide a natural retreat for their customers and business clients.

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