Marketing Service Providers - United Kingdom

We will share your data with Marketing Service Providers which are companies/businesses who collect data and help their clients tailor products and services through targeted advertising which best suit your needs. They may also use your data for fraud prevention. The Marketing Services Providers we work with are limited to only those organisations who we have completed checks on and who will process your data in compliance with all laws, regulations and guidance with regard to data protection. We will share your data under strict licence terms with the Marketing Services Providers listed below, who like us, will use it to create products and services to help organisations better understand the likely characteristics of their customers; communicate with them more effectively; and find others like them across a range of marketing channels. This may mean that you receive advertising from organisations within the industry sectors listed above, that is more relevant to you via direct mail or when you visit a website, mobile app or watch TV. The Marketing Services Providers will not however advertise their own products or services to you. To understand more we have provided you with a link to each of the Marketing Services Providers listed below.