BPO Solutions for
Fintech Industries

BPO Solutions for
Fintech Companies


Personalized, Efficient & Transformational BPO Services For Fintech Companies

Financial services have evolved over the past few years to be more adaptable and convenient to meet consumer demands. In addition, technology has taken a stronger hold in our lives, and people are demanding more than ever that their financial services are as easy to access online as any other service. As a result, fintech products and services have become normalized, too. As consumers rely more and more on technology, they are also expecting a better customer experience. To compete with other companies in the financial industry, startups and established businesses need to offer exceptional customer service experiences - ones tailored to the needs of their target audience through extensive research and consideration. If you are also here for this, you are at the right place. Our exceptional BPO services for fintech companies will help you take your fintech solution to the next level.

How we are different from others

After the pandemic breakdown, there was an upsurge in contactless payment and other Fintech options, and assistance related to financial technologies also increased. So when your customers need their finance-related queries resolved, they should receive service immediately. Thus, as a Business Process Outsourcing for financial technology companies, we offer exceptional customer services to differentiate ourselves from others in this field. We provide BPO services for fintech companies that allow your customer to ask questions, oversee transactions, and raise potential issues.

Every single back-and-forth conversation we have with your customers is precious. It builds a connection over time where they feel confident working with you. It leads to less hassle for your customers and makes it easier for them to track their finances. And yes, this will also lead to your return on investment, such as positive online reviews, referral marketing, and hopefully, customer retention.


Customer Service

We can provide customer service via phone, email, and social media channels. From the customer’s first contact to a live chat – we have your back. Your customers won’t have an issue getting in touch with you.

Payment Support

No matter your payment-related issue, our team of agents is experienced in handling it. They can easily take care of money transfers and income verifications through multiple channels.

App Support

You’ll have a dedicated tech agent to answer any questions about complex apps. In addition, they will help you navigate the process and understand your total finance needs as a global technology solution provider.

Collection Support

Serving both 1st party and 3rd party collections, we provide world-class support to fintech companies. Our service offerings include a call center, web chat, social contact, negotiation, and more.

Customer Acquisition

With a blend of creativity and strategy, our team helps your business acquire new customers. We make sure that your fintech solutions have the perfect values and branding so that your service is successful from the very first interaction.

Back Office

Our proprietary back-office software provides optimal data collection, registration, and administrative security. It makes collecting, registering, and managing your data secure and efficient.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    Borderless support

    Providing global experiential solutions that rely on the latest technologies and expert knowledge.

    Spanning services

    We’re committed to enabling the Fintech revolution from start to finish. That means we provide pre-and post-sales support for the entire ecosystem, so you can keep growing.

    Responsive & scalable workforce

    Our experts with advanced technology offer a rapid response to expected pressure and real-time flex scheduling to boost your performance.

    Global network of experts

    With the skills and expertise to help brands reach hyper-targeted audiences, our experts are multilingual and highly skilled service providers.

    Data security and fraud management

    Our advanced data security and clean desk verification provide the highest level of protection while diminishing your potential risks.




    Our BPO company for fintech solutions in Albania makes it simple for your financial business to reliably access top-quality inbound & outbound contact center services and provide the best customer service possible. So build your stable business in the Balkan region.


    Our BPO services for fintech companies helps companies in Morocco offer their customers exceptional customer service. We offer prompt and accurate assistance combined with convenient solutions to satisfy clientele.

    United Kingdom

    Our BPO company for fintech solutions in the UK offers multilingual and omnichannel customer support for your diverse customer base. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver cutting-edge customer experiences.


    Our nationwide presence and wide range of BPO services for fintech companies in India enable you to reach your customers anywhere with a consistent customer experience.


    Have a better customer experience with our customer-focused BPO company for fintech solutions. Moreover, we help you build brand recognition and enhance customer identity through positive customer interactions.


    Fusion CX’s multilingual customer services in 40+ languages enable you to provide personalized communications to your near-shore financial customers in their native languages.


    Our Mexico BPO services for fintech companies offer world-class customer engagement solutions, with the best support available in multiple languages that adheres to local cultural norms and customs and is relevant to global customer needs.

    United States

    With our customer engagement services for your financial customers, you’ll be able to improve customer retention and recapture lost revenue. In addition, we provide a secure environment for your clients across every state within the borders of the United States.


    Our Canada branch for business process outsourcing for financial technology companies can help you bring in new customers and grow your revenue by delivering exceptional customer experiences, fostering positive brand identity and loyalty, and leveraging the latest technologies to achieve these goals.

    El Salvador

    Our El Salvador BPO company for fintech solutions will help you improve customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. We also deliver a strong brand identity and customer relations to help improve your company’s position in your region.

    The Philippines

    Allow our multilingual and omnichannel BPO services for fintech companies to increase customer satisfaction. With our best-in-class customer support infrastructure in the Philippines, we’ll customize the solution to your individual needs.


    Our Indonesian branch provides 24/7 customer contact services for financial companies across the APAC region. As a result, we empower you to deliver personalized customer engagements and increase retention and revenue.


    Our BPO services for fintech companies ensures a high-quality customer experience for your financial customers in Colombia, which will help deliver incredible results. In particular, our contact center provides unparalleled customer retention rates and generates high revenues for your business.


    With 24/7 customer assistance, you can improve your customer retention strategies in Kosovo. We’ll assist you in maximizing income production through consistently satisfying customer communications.



    Is there anything I need to look out for when outsourcing customer service?

    You’ll want to find a professional and empathetic Business Process Outsourcing for Financial Technology companies when outsourcing your customer service. The customer service industry is broad, so make sure your global BPO company for fintech solutions has the appropriate expertise for your needs and meets all applicable industry regulations.

    Is outsourcing customer-friendly?

    Our BPO services for Fintech companies will treat you professionally and respectfully when you call our customer service center. Our financial services outsourcing agents can address your inquiries over the phone or through other links like email, chat, and text. Plus, customers have the option of interacting in their preferred language.

    What are the costs associated with outsourcing customer service?

    Outsourced customer service can vary in price depending on your needs and location. For example, India is a popular outsourcing destination for assistance in the IT sector. Likewise, the Philippines is a good option for those looking for affordable support in the retail or travel industries. To get pricing information, click the “Get A Quote” button to fill out our contact form and discover what awaits down the line for you.

    Is Fusion CX the right choice for outsourcing our services?

    When you outsource to Fusion CX, you can be sure that you’re bringing your Fintech business the world-class solutions it needs. We offer multilingual, multichannel support and optimize operational efficiency. With 27 centers worldwide and team members from 14 different countries, you can’t go wrong with us!

    What is Fusion CX’s position as a global provider of fintech solutions?

    The global financial services outsourcing market has grown tremendously over the past few years. As such, we’re proud to say that Fusion CX is involved in 14 countries, including the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, and more. Across 27 cities in these countries, we offer BPO services for Fintech companies and our cost-effective pricing model for all your outsourcing needs.