Can New-Age Customer Management Help the Tourism Industry Overcome Post-Covid Challenges?

As the world continues to suffer sizeable losses and setbacks due to COVID-19, industries everywhere are trying hard to recover its losses. The Travel & Tourism sector has been one of the worst-affected sectors due to the pandemic. As 90% of the global population adjusted to life under travel restrictions and others stayed home in fear of getting infected, the sector came to a near-total standstill. Communities, large and small, depending on tourism are still shouldering the burden of zero revenues, and millions have been furloughed or laid off within a few short months. According to WTTC’s baseline scenario, globally more than 121 million Travel & Tourism jobs including those who were working in travel call centers and an estimated US$3.4 trillion in global GDP could be lost as a result of COVID-19.

However, Travel & Tourism private sector leaders have remained strong and are working continuously to redefine the travel sector in the wake of the pandemic. They have sought to enhance traveler safety, provide for their workforce, and support local communities during the pandemic. To revive the industry, it will be essential to have a globally coordinated approach, enhance the current seamless travel experience, embrace the integration of new technologies enact global protocols for health and hygiene, and rebuild the confidence of travelers. For that, the travel and tourism sector will need to opt for new age customer management through travel call center outsourcing. Outsourcing your customer management to a new-age travel BPO has multiple benefits ranging from customer acquisition to customer retention. These include:

Better Brand Awareness

With a travel call center, it is possible to ensure better brand awareness. A multilingual travel and hospitality call center can offer you a chance to engage a larger audience and expand your market through a multilingual brand awareness campaign, resulting in better leads.

Conversion-ready Lead Generation

The right travel call center can fill your sales pipeline with conversion ready leads. They can employ various lead generation tactics like telephone lead generation, co-reg lead generation and online lead generation while ensuring the industry compliances of the region. All of these lead generation methods are highly result oriented and cost-effective.

A travel BPO that offer both lead generation and lead nurturing services can ensure that all your leads are conversion ready by the time it reaches your sales team, the prospects are ready to make reservations.

Cost-efficient Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is one of the most expensive endeavor of a business, especially in the post-covid world. With all travel businesses implementing aggressive customer acquisition tactics, the competition will be fierce and the acquisition costs will be high. However, with a multichannel, multilingual global BPO for tourism industry, it is possible to significantly bring down the cost of customer acquisition.

End-to-end Customer Management in the Tourism Industry

You can also provide your customers with the right support with 24/7 end-to-end customer service in a wide number of languages across all channels, including – voice, chat, email, social media and much more. Providing your customers with the right support at the right time can boost their satisfaction level and help you deliver a superior CX which is a major business differentiator and the key to customer loyalty.

Providing excellent customer service is more important than ever in the post-COVID situation. In this new normal situation, your customers will have a lot of questions regarding the safety measures that are being followed and the documents they need to bring. Not being able to answer these questions on a timely manner may result in to customer attrition and poor brand reputation.

Customer Retention

In this age of competition, earning customer loyalty is very tough. With every travel business trying to lure in new customers with numerous discounts and offers, no one is paying much attention to what they can do to retain their existing customers. With the help of a state-of-the-art travel call center, you can run a loyalty program to engage with your old and existing customers and build a better relation with them. Such programs turn your existing customers into brand loyalists who can promote your brand through word of mouth, which, till date, is the most potent tool for brand awareness.


When you have the right travel and hospitality call center partner by your side you can focus on all aspects of customer management and reap the benefits. Better brand awareness and lead generation will allow your brand to gain better exposure and superior customer service and customer retention programs will allow you to deliver a superior CX at every touchpoint, ensuring better customer management, which is the key to acing the post covid challenges.

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