A 60-Day Journey to Close Your Lead

Journey to Close Your Lead

60 days to nurture the leads! Isn’t it something very aspiring? How leads are nurtured is a big question to many business owners, as we have many sources to have our leads.

We can gather leads from the – web form, free trials, trade show, and referral and even from the business cards.


Defining lead nurturing a little and with prudence to help our readers.

Lead nurturing is actually the marketing term that defines the bonding between potential client and the business. Lead nurturing helps to raise the company profile in the potential client’s eye, that’s making the client bend on buying the company’s product and service when it is time to buy. This is a part of the larger marketing process.

However, this post can be a good read for the people who are interested to know the step-by-step lead nurturing procedures. It is a 60-day journey to close the potential leads. Now you have the potential outsourcing destinations to help you out with a perfect lead nurturing, with fewer hassles. Fusion CX is one among them who is making the path of lead marketing smoother and efficient.

Let the journey begin:

Day 1: Making an introductory phone call

Day 2: Following up with an email

Day 3 & 4: A nimble wait (until the prospects read the mail)

Day 5: Sending the case study

Day 6, 7 and 8: An enthusiastic wait (reading of the case study and waiting for a proper feedback)

Day 9: Sending the webinar invitation

Day 10, 11, 12 and 13: The lead is now on the track

Day 14: Forwarding the competitive advantages

Day 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19: Accelerating the leads to the buying stage

Day 20: Sending the Whitepaper

Day 21-27: A little more wait to move towards the success

Day 28: Touching the base mail

Day 29-34: The sales representative prepare themselves to close the lead

Day 35: Joining the webinar

Day 36 and 37: A long discussion continues

Day 38: A phone call

Day 39-43: The processing of the phone call carries with the huge customer database

Day 44: Carry on the phone call

Day 45-49: Process carries on

Day 50: Forwarding the implementation guide

Day 51- 54: Suspending all the marketing mails and just carrying on the process of telemarketing

Day 55: Discussing the content

Day 56-59: A little distance away from the close

Day 60: Won it!


Lead nurturing programs held by the Fusion CX, yields 15% to 200% in additional, new qualified leads. The close ratios are relatively higher. In this case, the sales pipeline, that opens is stronger and the average sales cycle is shorter.

The clients all over further claim the nurtured prospects bought from 100% to 250% more than those, which were not nurtured. These prospects cited greater positive impression and saw the client retention improve by 50% of the lead nurturing program.

If you feel that your sales lead are like bananas then it’s time to think again. Get hold of a reputable outsourcing company. Here the leads are rated by quality, starting from the seed, the telemarketing agents make them consumable.

So take a ride now!

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