Customer Management in a Post-Pandemic World: 5 Ways of Adapting to the Change

There are multiple reasons for businesses to feel optimistic this year. First, all adults are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, and the recent ‘new-normal’ phase has become pretty normal to us by now. Moreover, economists also predict that a solid economic recovery might be lurking in the corner.  

But the pre-pandemic normalcy is yet to arrive. Customers have changed in meaningful ways over the past year, and today, businesses are responsible for coping with shifting customer choices and behaviors.

In the previous year, we have witnessed how consumer shopping patterns changed, and we have introduced new techniques to ensure that we adapt to your business and the shifting needs of your customers. In this blog, we will go through 5 ways of adapting to the change in customer services outsourcing in a post-pandemic world.  

Self-service prioritization

As per the report published by McKinsey, one of the most prominent and least shocking changes in customer behavior during the COVID crisis was the “digital inclination” for nearly every activity we perform daily – from grocery shopping to office team building. 

For companies, the key to keeping up with the digital transformation in customer’s life is understanding that customers want something more beyond interaction via digital channels. Most of the time, they avoid interaction at all. Instead, a self-serve experience is what they are looking for. 

Call center outsourcing services providers are transforming to provide customers with this experience. The days of quick fielding calls have taken the back seat. Self-service has put customers in the front seat, and they are accountable for their experience. However, there are scenarios when even the savviest of automated machines can’t manage customers’ problems. For such cases, Fusion CX has empowered customer services outsourcing with trained agents, providing 24/7 assistance. 

Omnichannel personalization

Customers communicate with several companies continuously. Inculcating more personalization in the customer services outsourcing strategy will help your prospects feel important as they interact with you.

This is the reason why more than forty percent of customers have chances to become repeat buyers after they get a personalized service communication, and many of them will recommend their friends and relatives to the brand.   

Thanks to technology for empowering brands with customer service software and tools. These software and tools help deliver a level of personalization in call center outsourcing services that was a dream even a few years ago. 

For instance, by syncing communication channels like phone, chat, email and messaging, agents can instantly access the knowledge and information they need all in one system. By getting access to customer conversation history, agents can understand the problem better. They can also check what promises were made, and what the preferred communication channel or language is.  

As a leading customer services outsourcing provider, we won’t greet your customers cold, nor will we ask them to repeat the information they already shared. 

Redefining “normal”

One of the positive sides of 2020 is we got to see a more compassionate side of the top BPO companies – be it the compassion towards employees or clients/customers. Fusion CX redefined “normal” with the power of human connection. Our people-centric customer services outsourcing approach is to cope with the “humanization” of call center outsourcing services and avoid becoming a telemarketing dinosaur!  

In due course of serving clients across various industries, we figured out that it is as simple as asking your customer base -” How can we help?” And then voicing in support for whatever their current crises are. 

Shift your thinking away from only achieving your own goals to supporting your followers in achieving their goals as well.

Leverage satisfaction surveys closed online forums or directly reach out to customers as telephonic surveys. Provide support on using your products or services and guide them on how your service or product can help them come out of their crisis. This is how post-pandemic customer services outsourcing looks like. Find the problem; provide the solution – it’s pretty to the point and simple.   

Data-backed decision-making

Extracting data when you are a call center services outsourcing provider is easy because every touchpoint of a customer’s journey generates data. For example, when they visit your website, send an email, call your helpline number or initiate a chat through AI Chatbot . You can unveil a treasure trove of information about them and their behavior. However, not many contact centers can use this data to make more accurate decisions on behalf of their clients. 

Data-driven decisions are key to unlocking better customer management. Therefore, you must measure the correct data. This is especially true for retail call center as well as technology call center.

Providing regular service in extraordinary ways 

We started the list with the importance of self-service. But when self-service fails to work, you should create magic moments, moments that your customers will remember. 

Magic moments occur when our agents walk the extra mile to make your customers feel heard and supported. As one of the top BPO companies providing customer services outsourcing, we have often gone above and beyond our duties to help your customers.

Let’s see some examples to understand.

A customer of a retail client called our retail call center when the social distancing protocols were suddenly enforced. He was in quarantine and was not able to pick-up his order from the store as previously decided. We quickly arranged for the order to be delivered to his home while maintaining all the safety protocols and also confirmed the delivery on the same date.

An elderly customer of a tech client called our call center with a particularly tricky issue.  Our technology call center agents went above and beyond to provide him with the correct solution.

This hyper-local service information will act as an element to create a magic moment.     

As the world starts to emerge from a difficult chapter, businesses have tremendous scope to breathe new life into customer management. Having a few rock-solid adaptation strategies as the world settles down will not just help your business stand on its feet but also give you a headstart to focus on customer priorities.  

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