Merging Email Marketing and Telemarketing Seems to be a Good Idea

email marketing

Many business owners want to do away with telemarketing owing to its huge expenses. However, it must not be forgotten, that telemarketing is an unbeatable method for enabling businesses to directly contact prospects, gain instant feedback, and deliver measurable results for lead generation. The cost factor can be controlled by weaving email support with telemarketing outsourcing services.

Email marketing enables more efficient use of telemarketing and also provides high-quality lead generation.  Email campaigns can tell where telemarketing outsourcing services must be employed for maximum effect.

Why email support?

Through email support the ground is prepared through lead generation and qualification systematically; this is done based on click-through rates and online registration procedures. Email marketing also supports telemarketing for lead generation through personalized sales emails, which can be immediately used. The customer addresses can also be optimized and maintained by merging email support and telemarketing.

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