What is the Best Time to Send a B2B Email?

B2B Email Marketing Campaign

When we initiate the email marketing campaigns at Fusion CX on behalf of our clients, we make sure that the email reach the right prospect and most importantly it knocks them at the appropriate time.

We initiate formal email marketing campaigns for our customers. We make sure that they reach only those people who will show interest after they click it. At times, we also target people who might feel interested after having a look on the email. However, he or she might not need the service or product immediately.

Here is this blog post, we will outline the optimal time and day to send a B2B email to the target prospects.

When do Fusion CX initiates their email marketing campaigns? At what time?

  • Well, at Fusion CX we try to send emails by morning 12:00 am and 8:15 am. We do so to achieve the highest open rate. This is the most probable case for all the major BPOs, but there could be an odd occasion when the open rate is not the ultimate goal and reading the subject line to create awareness among your customers about our clients company.
  • In order to maximize the open rate, another good timing option is 3:00 pm and 10:00 pm. We make sure that we maintain or stick to the time schedule to comfort the customers with our services. At Fusion CX, we generally initiate our email marketing campaigns between 12:00 am and 8:15 am as well 3:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

This helps us to test the time that appear to be the best to determine and work best with the target. We have to deal with various kinds of companies, and though if our same strategy works for one company for the other it might not work. If you target a sales team, then, you have a fair luck to get business in the morning. As for IT company’s afternoon schedules work the best. We have tested the timings and finally cleared which timing is best suited for our different clients.

For example, if your client is going to sell some product to a sales team then, sending emails early in the morning is a lucky time, as salesperson cannot interact in the afternoon. Contacting an IT department in the afternoon is the best time. Since, the IT specialist may be working late night, fixing IT problems.

Which is the suitable day to initiate an email marketing campaign?

  • Just like the time, there are some rules for the days to send emails. Well, midday of the week is the best time to send emails. Monday considered as the worst day if you want to shoot an email and want to have a high open rate. Number of email marketing studies and surveys backs this theory. (Have a look at this Infographic post B2B Email Marketing Best-Practices and Trends from MarketignProfs affirming that Monday is the worst day to send emails.)
  • Well, on weekends the internet activity declines and people are busy in their weekend blast. As online metric slips on the weekend, so we avoid email campaigns on those days.
  • Midday of the week and in the afternoon we initiate our email marketing campaigns the most. The best days to initiate email-marketing campaigns and to gain potential leads are – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Email Best Practices

Features of Email Marketing @ Fusion CX

  • Our chart includes data from all the week. Clients can check those data and find emails sent at different times to see how many have gained them higher open rates.
  • Our email marketing campaigns are affordable and flexible.
  • We provide some in-depth performance tracking and auto responders to improve the usefulness of email marketing campaigns.
  • We let you generate new customers irrespective of your business size.

Email marketing @ Fusion CX is taking small and mid-sized business to the success heights. We stick to the scheduled time to deliver greater results and bigger ROI.

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