Personalized Services: Let Your Customer Keep Coming Back

Personalized Services

With how many businesses do your customers interact before communicating with your business? In most cases, it is not less than 5 to 10 in a business day.

What makes them talk to other business on the way? Experts say that customers are in search of refined services. They are tired of those odds customer practices such as waiting long hours in the call queue, placing a wrong order, a poor mail delivery or receiving someone else’s mail. This all goofs make the customers feel distracted.

There are chances for a consumer to get exposure to a much better experience than the experience provided by your organization. This positive experience may stop the customer from doing business with you. Often, this bitter business mishap strikes your brain with some common questions:

  • What is lacking in your customer service?
  • What is it that your customers are looking for?
  • What is so special in your competitor’s customer service strategy?

All the questions stated have only one answer – ‘Personalized Services.’

Define Personalized Services

Personalization is more than paying lip service to customer’s preference. Rather, it is about adding value to customer’s choice. Respecting customer’s choices and opinions can often result in good business. In other words, customer empowerment is the number one rule of offering a personalized service.

At the end of the day, your business needs to ride the glory and cater customer needs accordingly. That is the reason B2B and B2C marketers prefer to outsource their customer service management to contact centers.

Rendering personalized services is most important within a contact center – a touch-point that is continually under focus when it comes to customer experience. State-of-the-art BPOs treats the customer with the right amount of attention so that they keep coming back.

A Bad Experience Says It All

According to Sound Results on Hold, 8 to 15 percent of the customer base of a company is lost every year. And 68 percent is lost due to indifferent and negative phone treatment. In this context, you will like your contact centers to treat customers with personalized attention that befit them in any situation.

Customers often love to talk about a bad experience while they rarely converse about a good customer experience. How can bad experiences spread so fast?

Word-of-mouth is the possible situation that foretells about bad interactions faster than you can imagine. Communications vehicles like mobiles and social media accelerated the reach of word-of-mouth. Therefore, contact centers prefer to blend self-service with assisted service to drive better customer service experience.

Personalized Services @Fusion CX

At Fusion CX, we are trying to find the best possible ways to amplify customer experience. We rely on personalized interactions as a potential platform. We provide impeccable service to B2B/ B2C clients to lessen down their fear of losing customer base every year.

Here, we are going to share some benefits that our clients have experienced with our personalized customer services. Find out how we provide personalized services to customers irrespective of the business type:

  1. We look at the potential value.
  2. We always get in touch with past contacts.
  3. We are technologically atheist.
  4. We ask for an apology.
  5. We ask improvement suggestions from customers.
  6. We prefer to invest in our staff.
  7. We identify the customers need.
  8. We use personalized greetings – knowing your customers by name, is still effective.
  9. We use IVR.
  10. We mix customer experience with employee experience.
  11. We did away with those traditional scripts.
  12. We focus on improvement of customer service at every interval.

Fusion CX follows 5Ds to ensure unparallel customer service management:

  • Defining the vision of customer experience
  • Discovering relevant channels
  • Detecting the place where our customer wants to be heard
  • Digging out relevant replies in context
  • Devising new answers to benefit each and every parts of customer base

In vogue contact centers employ routing structure and applications to track down customer activity across multiple channels. At Fusion CX, we tighten it further by integrating self-service and back-office applications. This helps us to stay with a customer 24/7/365 even if the person shifts randomly from Live Chat to phone or from email to mobile or social media.

After personalizing contact center services at Fusion CX, we are able to narrow down worries of B2B clients and negative impression of their customers. As we work to reel in consumers to our client’s company, personalization is the only bait we use to make customers keep coming back to business.

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