3 Aspects of Customer Management You Need To Strategize For Live Chat Channels

Customer Management You Need To Strategize For Live Chat Channels

Brand always needs to focus on their best-in store experience via online channels if they want to retain their competitive nature. As the social media buzz is on the rise, Live Chat option is becoming an efficient tool to offer customized and real-time solution to customers.

We know a satisfied customer often entails business growth. Live Chat is one channel that improves customer satisfaction level and helps to see a positive slope in the growth curve.

Yes, the Live Chat is a popular tool deployed by companies to keep customers engaged. It is a potent tool to retain the customer’s fondness for brands. Yet, the key fact is – it is underutilized.

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Many global BPO companies have a strong online strategy, but still they overlook the chat option. The primary reason for companies to stay away from Live Chat option is mainly due to the inability to generate a potential ROI. Often this leads them to the question of aptness of online chat as a customer management channel. In most cases, the failure of Live Chat is due to the flaw in execution strategy.

One of the most critical aspects in business is the management of customer service issues as it comes with multiple trigger points. Online chat is a formal communication mode if compared to email or phone. Formal or informal conversation, customers always expect a quality service, so you need to plan a chat strategy before you implement it.

Fusion CX has implemented Live Chat and experienced sales boost in their scorecard that made Fusion CXites fall for this online channel more and more.  How do we deploy a successful chat strategy? What are those triggers that can tune in to the right chat mode?

Well, you need to strategize only three aspects while implementing a Live Chat option, find them below:

1. Require a Pool of Talent/Skill

If you want your chat agents to be successful, make sure they focus on the customer effort personalizing every interaction. They must play the role of the facilitator to project a ‘human element’ online.

The most important qualities of a successful chat agent are –

  • He/ She must employ some more time to build rapport and reveal customer needs
  • Must cross-sell and up-sell with the use of link, video or other sources
  • Engage with customers in a meaningful conversation
  • Must complement the self-service mode with right navigation skills
  • Enable precise response in single chat sessions
  • Fulfill information security protocols when you take control of the customer’s website
  • Use text messages to deal with customer complaints
  • Facilitate effective sales
  • Represent brand online
  • Enable seamless appearance
  • Manage the dead air on chat forums

Fusion CXites working with chat services come jam-packed with these qualities. We frequently train our agents to meet the requisite service level of different clients.

2. Measure ROI with these Metrics

Often the state-of-the-art BPOs link up with designing experience and online chat strategies that can work with organizations without a glitch to develop right set of metrics. Talking of chat options, we need to measure the following:

  • Measure the ‘Cost-Per-Contact’ by comparing the cost of service across the channel. The management of multiple chats will help to escalate the agent efficiency compared to phone or email
  • FCR (First Contact Resolution) to compare the real-time chat value over emails
  • AOV (Average Order Value) to gauge the talent of agents in up-sell and cross-sell
  • Measure ‘Sales Conversion Rate’
  • Have to measure the ‘Deflection Rate’ for the query typed in the expensive channels, this will optimize the resources across channels and calculate the fall in the cost of ownership
  • This also needs to measure the ‘Escalation Rate’ to build a strong knowledge base and robust training module
  • Measure the ‘Customer Satisfaction Rate’ to know the success of the chat session
  • In order to measure compliance of processes internally get to know the ‘Internal Quality Assurance Score

Fusion CX prefers to stick to these kinds of measurements to keep the gradient positive n customer satisfaction graph.

3. Seamless Service through Work Force Management (WFM)

Forecasting and scheduling of resources, two tough situations that we have to face after deploying the online chat channel. For the proper supervision of this issue, an algorithm must run, based on the business norms and probability of offering chat based on the number of visitors daily or during peak hours. Thus, service providers need to employ top-notch WFM practices to optimize resources across the chat platforms.

Fusion CX also instills best-in-class WFM trends and follows a steady approach to build the chat teams. We employ smart chat platforms that proactively push the chat only if the agent is available, thus helping us to balance the ‘Customer-to-Agent’ ratio.

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Live Chat strategies helps business to experience maximized goals. However, to use the channel effectively Fusion CX arms chat service with careful planning and execution. A partner like Fusion CX with proficiency in customer service care can help clients build and deploy effective Live Chat strategy.

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