This “May Day” Fusion CX Will Share How Their Agents Serve Every Customers Diligently

Serve Every Customers Diligently

May Day‘ the day for laborious and diligent employees. Though call center employees work in a healthy environment, but they too toil hard to achieve perfection in each call. Generating quality leads is the ambition and in this tough situation having the right KPIs is necessary.

Saluting the employees in May Day, we are going to discuss how we improve the call center performance with the help of them and right KPIs.

Fusion CX and Their Employees Setting the Right KPI

Fusion CX has a list of services under their banner and customer service is the most essential among them. We do follow certain steps to make our customer service practice outperform others. Today with the use of multiple channels, we are able to give quality leads and have a higher utilization rate.

Routing of calls to the right agents and generation of instant feedback, allowing seamless channel to pop up on the unified desktops, and greatly contributes to better performance.

As Fusion CX has turned into a strategic organization in these nine long years so, incorporating the best practices are important for us. Today these practices are the face of your organization. So we tend to give the best possible customer service and that too cost-effectively.

Well, the question that is going to arise in this situation is – How Fusion CX agents achieves the goal of 99.9% customer satisfaction?

According to the Whitepapers shared on the website of CIO Summit by the Empirix Inc shows that six different KPIs contribute much to the overall performance of the call centers. These include:

  • First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Utilization Rate
  • Cost per Contact
  • Call Abandonment Rate
  • Call Quality Score

These leading practices help to find the KPIs to quantify the impact. These leading practices have helped Fusion CX to measure the performance in a relative way. The difference in performance in BPO leaders and BPO laggards summarized below in this table looks:

First Call Resolution (FCR) 81% 77.0% 5.2%
Customer Satisfaction 87.2% 68.5% 27.3%
Higher Utilization Rate 62% 38.2% 62.3%
Cost per Contact $4.4 $5.1 15.8%
Call Abandonment Rate 2.6% 3.3% 26.7%
Call Quality Score 89.0% 74.7% 19.1%

From the above statistics, you can infer that maintenance of the following 6 KPIs will help to meet a balanced scorecard for customer satisfaction.

At Fusion CX, we are having access to high-level of support just at the touch of a button. We also add ways to transfer and escalate the calls that make sure that your customers get higher satisfaction scores and FCR.

What are those innovations that help our agent to deliver positive results to the customers?

  • Installation of ACD (automatic call distribution) system, routes calls to the right agent. This is an important aspect of the FCR.
  • Preparations of call transfer rules that are handy, give access to multiple agents, and give instant support to all customer queries.
  • Better utilization with innovative tools helps to keep the operation cost lower and workforce motivated.

Further study by Benchmark Portal affirms that the use of low-cost communication channels like Web, email, self-service helps the agents to solve problems faster and in an easier way. More use of at-home agents to lower cost and improve contact center convenience.

The result of analysis shows that the daily operations not only lowers the operational cost but also improves the customer experience. Moreover, these results in building organized and relevant leading practices.

Employees give their best at every call; and with the assistance of intelligent tools boost the productivity and result ins improved customer satisfaction rate. We thus salute the hard work of our employees!

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