Why Telemarketing in India is Best For Your Business

Telemarketing in India

India has become so popular as the offshore outsourcing destination that it accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s business process outsourcing. Nearly half of the US business enterprises outsource to Indian call centers. And it is particularly the telemarketing in India that has flourished like anything.

Given the efficiency and the inexpensiveness of the service, the responsibility of telemarketing can be blindly entrusted to any Indian call center. And your company can experience rapid growth from such telemarketing endeavors put in by an eminent call center service provider.

Besides being the champions in telemarketing, Indian call centers are beneficial form other aspects too:

  • Money is a factor. Because labor in India is pretty cheap compared to the US labor rates, this substantially reduces overall operational costs.
  • The fluency in speaking English and the clear accent of the Indian population also add to the appeal of the call centers in the region.
  • Next is the time zone in which India belongs. The time difference with the US is of exactly 12 hours. This turns out to be really convenient for conducting telemarketing campaigns. Also, telemarketing in India is conducted in two- or three-shift operations only to ensure that such a campaign runs 24/7.

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