Whom to Count on When Your Insurance Company Faces Loss? O-U-T-S-O-U-R-C-I-N-G

Earthquakes in Chile

The natural calamities like – Haiti and Chile earthquakes, floods in United States have taken a steady rise across the boundaries of the world since 2010. It has resulted the businesses to incur immense loss, and a large number of fatalities.

With the attack of the natural calamities, the settlement claims of the insurance firms and the spike in calls has increased excessively. The insurance company gets totally lost in the huge cloud of calls. Hence, they search an effective system to ensure that the claims are settled without any further delay. Not only claim settlement managing the irate customers, they need someone to entertain all the calls instead of abandoning  them.

It is some kind of risk of the financial loss that the insurance firms face at these situations along with their reputation loss.

What could be the most effective ways for the insurance companies to handle the grievance of the customers during natural calamities? – Choose an “Outsourcing” partner, in order to reduce the risk in company’s reputation.

You have both onshore and offshore outsourcing company. But offshore is more efficient since, during calamities the onshore BPO partners becomes unable to engage with customers so offshore outsourcing is more reliable and affordable. Apart from handling calls what does outsourcing do?

Do you know what does outsourcing actually mean? Check out the full form of O-U-T-S-O-U-R-C-I-N-G:

  • O– Optimal
  • U– Unique
  • T– Team effort
  • S– Seamless service
  • O– Organized
  • U– Ubiquitous
  • R– Relevant sales
  • C– Competitive results
  • I– Impromptu agents
  • N– Notable
  • G– Goal-achiever

During the catastrophe BPO leaders like Fusion CX tends to provide unparalleled services like:

  • Reduce in the recruitment, hiring and training of agents
  • Increased focus on core competencies
  • Decrease in operating expenses
  • Utilizing modern technologies, expertise and skills in regard to claim processing
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increase in revenue growth

Most of the companies do have their own Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place, but they lack the catastrophe management program. They do not have the blueprint to handle the catastrophe. At Fusion CX, we provide our clients with an action plan, to handle the customer efficiently during calamities. We utilize our talent pool to manage the calls at insurance companies and minimize the problems of the end-customer.

We serve our client insurance companies not only by generating by generating quality leads, but during the financial loss, we help them with:

  • Cross-trained resources to manage the spike in calls
  • Additional hour of protection due to the catastrophe
  • Support the company with assistance staffs to manage the increased call traffic
  • Monitoring the incoming call pattern

A catastrophe is the real test of an insurance company to see, how they can sustain an effective customer support despite a huge spike. It is essential for the organization to meet the challenges and hold back their reputation. So here an outsourcing partner comes to play a vital role.

Being the leader in the outsourcing industry, Fusion CX says that having an action plan is must. Insurance companies need to act, synchronize and achieve customer goals even in the catastrophe with reliable outsourcing solutions.

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