Pros and cons of automated answering service by BPO Manila

Automated answering machines became really popular in no time whatsoever. But then again it didn’t remain the number one choice of the entrepreneurs as far as handling the business answering service departments in concerned. The reason for such rise and fall can be understood by looking at the advantage and disadvantages of the system.

What appealed to the business enterprises the most is the cost effectivity of the automated answering service machines. Installing these machines meant reduced expenditure on employee recruitment as well as maintenance. A very valid point can be raised here, when a Manila BPO company is appointed the business expenses with regards to employee maintenance goes down automatically. But if the business opts for answering machine the operational cost goes down further.

Another point of appeal would be the accuracy that the machines can offer. it is a fact that machines are installed the customer calls will be received without any fail and that too within the first couple of rings.

But what makes the answering machines inadequate is their inability to attend to specific and complex problems. There are many problems that only and only live agents can handle. There is no dearth of occasions when the business end users or the potential customers asked for elaborate and detailed explanation. Under such circumstances, live answering service agents are the only option.

That the answering machines can attend to generic issues is a shortcoming by default. Even if the service provider wants unlimited number of support service cannot be offered through IVR. Too many dialing options are going to leave the caller puzzled. Such a complicated arrangement cannot be of any good.

Again the disadvantages of the answering machines do not render them useless. In reality it is a combination of the live and the automated answering service offered by the call center companies in Manila that is considered to be the best arrangement for the businesses. The combination is economic and at the same time effective.

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