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We are bringing brands closer to their customers for the past 35 years, with innovative AI technology and the power of human connect through myriad outsourcing services. From development to deployment, we as a BPM company, strengthen this commitment with our 17K+ strong support experts working across 30+ locations in 15 countries : United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, Jamaica, El Salvador, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo, Belize and Indonesia. We cater to various customer engagement solution outsourcing needs of brands from different industries and are committed to deliver excellence.


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BPM Solutions That Guarantee Superior CX Management

We thrive to bridge the gap between your business goals and customer expectations with interactions rooted in human connect. With our premium BPM solutions, we ensure the best-in-class service delivery across all communication channels in over 40 languages, building a strong connection between your brand and your customers. In addition, our inbound & outbound services will help you deliver satisfactory customer interactions for improved experiences, boosting brand loyalty and reputation.



Great experience with this BPM Services Provider. They do the two things that matter most to us. They perform and they communicate. The vendor is a major upgrade professionally from our previous vendors. They are responsive to all of our needs!

- A Software Developer Company in the US

“This company has been a godsend. We were wasting so much money on our in-house outreach. Now, it does all the heavy lifting for us, qualifying our leads and sending us warm transfers. "

- Renowned Solar Energy Enterprise in the USA

"By utilizing the vendor and its state-of-the-art soundboarding technology, we have been able to reach leads in both an effective and efficient manner. It saved us the headache and massive expense of developing and in-house outreach program."

- Top Digital Media Company in the United States

"We have launched over 50 campaigns with the company, they consistently meet or exceed our TPH goals. Most important, the executive team is ethical and principled; I trust them to always safeguard our data."

- A Media Consulting Company in Mexico

I really want to appreciate the hard work, dedication and efforts put forward by Fusion CX team...The kind of leap Fusion CX has taken in BCC performance since Sep’21 is remarkable. I thank each one of you for creating new benchmarks and taking the campaign to another level.

- A leading private sector bank in India

I have been working with Fusion CX in USA for over 5 years and have been extremely satisfied with them. First and foremost, their performance on the phone has been as best. Their client relation teams do a great job communicating and are always responsive day or night. I couldn’t be happier with the working relationship I have with them and look forward to many more years together.

- Online Health Store, United States

In the three years since our customer care organization began working with Fusion CX, our relationship and footprint has grown. Fusion CX and its leadership team is instrumental in the success of our business by providing world class customer service and driving incremental revenue. They never back down from a challenge, always remain strategically competitive and welcome collaboration with us as the client. We look forward to continuing our partnership journey with this BPM Company into the future.

- Home Improvement Marketplace

I just want to let you know how ecstatic, impressed, pleased, etc. , because I don't think there are enough words to tell you how happy I was this CXM partner. Thank you so much for everything you do. I absolutely love being a part of Fusion CX!

- Voice Platform Solution Provider

As President and Founder of many companies, I have never read such an informative email from a BPM outsourcing company where every sentence delivered such a positive and motivational message. Trust me, I am not one for offering many compliments. This was an A+ directive and much appreciated. Thanks for your commitment to our program.

- Online Booking Software Company

I am super impressed about the fact that Fusion CX managed to deploy a huge team of WFH agents to ensure smooth delivery of customer experience without any hiccups. Awesome job team Fusion CX keeping agile during this difficult time.

- End-to-End Cloud Commerce Platform

A big thanks to Fusion CX and its team in USA for all they do to help us and our customers! Great job everyone...I'm sure that it has been a long hard road to get this done, but it is appreciated

- Office Supply Retailing Company, United States

Team is deeply appreciative of the extraordinary effort you & your Team have shown in this difficult situation. Fusion CX has stood out in serving our Consumers with your heart and soul in this hour of need. A big thank you for being you & your Team

- Leading Utility Company, India