Speak Global – Motto of Outsourcing Contact Centers

Speak Global

“Satisfied customers and loyal customers – both have a big difference between themselves. To succeed in customer expectations, we have to know their expectation in the very beginning.”

If you are having a business and would like to use the outsourcing business, what will be your demand? Obviously, an effective customer service that is not only best but also legendary.

The business owners of today expect more online, social and immediate interactions from customers and that too in their native language, via preferred channel. The technological innovation has not only made the world easily accessible but also removed the geographical and linguistic boundaries.

The creation of the multicultural events in every organization helps to increase the accessibility. Some businesses are still struggling to meet the customer demands and need enough solutions to stay competitive. In such an environment, how contact centers can help the businesses?

With the advancement in the technology, the businesses rely on the automated innovation to save money, utilize the available resources. This helps to do drive the brand loyalty by giving the customers what they actually want. The deployment of automated translation opens up the lines of communication with the customers in their way.

Speak Globally!

Users prefer to interact with companies in the native language – a large section of the customers says that they need to communicate in their native language. To value the customers we at Fusion CX provide multilingual support.

Deployment of the automated translation technology helps to remove the linguistic barriers in your contact center. It helps the Fortune 500 companies to deliver product information via 35 languages. The automated translation system, allows the call center agent to support customers in real time through multiple languages, cost–effectively and retaining the quality of the service.

Service in Real-Time and Gaining Multilingual Support

According to the statistics and the survey done by Harris Interactive, 86% of the customers stopped their business transactions just because of poor customer experience.  It is impossible to say, when a customer will come up with a problematic issue. To maintain the customer retention, right support is indeed required for a positive experience.

Offering appropriate language coverage at the time, require the employment of a pool of multilingual agents. However, with an automated translation we are now able to handle dozens of jobs by empowering the agents to interact with customers in any language. With the advanced technology and right tools business can get 24/7 service to support compilation of worldwide customer inquiries.

Enable the Support Budgets

In this tight economic schedule, the demand to cover the new market expansion is more crucial and businesses are eager to take advantage of the situation. The automated translation equipments, helps to reduce the need to hire new resources across the boundaries that are retaining the market and further goes beyond and invests in the new markets.

Contact center managers at Fusion CX focuses on the customer satisfaction and save the revenue on communication obstacles, which their employees face. We further provide our agents with the tools to help customers regardless of their language and address more support scenarios than we used to do before.

Self-Service Option for Global Customers

The aim of the automated translation technology is to improve the global customer experience and enable the self-service channel in different languages that too cost-effectively.

As the world has gone social, so the unhappy customers who experience the broken brand may express their dissatisfaction to thousands of friends over the internet.

The multilingual knowledge base contents and the FAQs can deflect the calls and reduces the overhead costs to create great customer experience. This is a win-win situation for the customers and the call center. If the average inquiry to a call center costs $33, the self-service will cost them one or two dollars.

To create dependable, highly successful and renowned brand – is just to cater effective customer support. Contact centers believe that customers are the “Boss” and he or she can fire the chairpersons of the company any time, just by spending their money somewhere else.

To meet consumerism demand contact centers has made a shift in their motto and has planned to speak global. To provide fast hand user experience and positive interaction they use automated translation to fetch better ROI and widen the customer base.

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