What Is The Role Of Healthcare BPO Company In Medical And Healthcare Sector

Healthcare BPO outsourcing

It won’t be an overstatement to say that most healthcare companies and pharmaceutical firms are still not out-and-out customer-driven. With an increasing demand for customer-centric healthcare services, it is only essential to consider healthcare BPO assistance for better patient care and superior customer experience.   

When patients call a hospital reception desk, the last thing they want to deal with is an impolite receptionist on the other end of the line, or being kept on hold for a longer time. Studies state that most of the patients feel annoyed because they find the phone lines busy. Shortage of qualified staff has always been another problem with the healthcare sector. So, by healthcare services outsourcing, healthcare givers get enough in-house resources to improve core functions, accelerate day to day operations and add advanced medical technology to perk up treatments.  

Healthcare BPO companies have trained agents who can respond to particular needs of patients. From scheduling appointments, referring physicians, providing hotline numbers during emergency to medical billing, they can perform all the healthcare related tasks with utmost expertise.

How to manage heaps of non –core healthcare services?

An easy way would be to change how you currently function and embrace digital-first contact points. This would boost CX and leveraging digital tools would accelerate healthcare customer service processes as a whole.

The highly fragmented nature of the healthcare sector often prohibits it from outsourcing its non-activities. However, with a HIPAA complaint BPO Company, quality patient care can be ensured. Healthcare providers have to face so many obstacles in their domain and rush hours like the present COVID-19 pandemic has left them overworked and sick. A healthcare BPO company like Fusion CX has the potential to shift from sick-care to proactive healthcare experiences while uplifting patient-physician communication.   

Foreseeing problems and resolving them prior to causing difficulty is another way to manage healthcare in a better, organized way. BPO can help your core team to focus on problems that might occur in near future. It also helps with customer service quality assurance by regular quality control audits and informs you about any new standards you must abide by to maintain the quality excellence.

Uninterrupted customer service in healthcare is also made possible with work at home solutions that healthcare organizations leverage to get 24/7 domain-specific service. With more than 3000 plus at-home and at-office agents, inbound call center services from Fusion CX ensure that none of your patients, vendors, suppliers or associates are left unattended.   

The healthcare BPO sector handles a variety of activities ranging from data entry to medical claims processing services. Some typical services you can outsource to healthcare BPO companies:

  • Consumer awareness campaigns
  • Physicians’ referral support service
  • Insurance claim verification and processing
  • Member Retention and Outreach
  • Medical Results Outreach
  • Dental Claims Assistance
  • Post Care Patient Surveys
  • Healthcare customer service
  • Annual open enrollment support
  • Pharmacy, Telemedicine and Prescription filling assistance
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  • Collection services and Billing
  • Contact tracing support
  • Sales support and back office support services

How to outsource to a Healthcare BPO for maximum benefits?

It was only a few years ago when outsourcing was not believed to be helpful or possible for the healthcare sector due to its highly specific nature of service. But, with the inception of industry-specific call center services and right healthcare BPO partners, medical care organizations can consistently improve day-to-day business operations and provide best services to their patients. Not just that, outsourcing some back office, and inbound call center services, also make room for better business growth together with exceptional medical care. You should outsource only after jotting down and chalking out your requirements beforehand if you want to get maximum return on investment along with tons of benefits like:

  • Better attention towards patients:
    When you outsource time-consuming tasks to a third-party healthcare BPO companies, you have more time to focus on offering your patients the quality care they deserve. Reduce your load when it comes to handling redundant tasks and managing administrative duties and your team can enhance the patient experience.
  • Cost-efficiency:
    This isn’t the most significant reason to outsource, but it certainly is crucial. Save money and decrease your operational overheads by outsourcing instead of spending time and money to hire and train in-house staff. The money you save through outsourcing can be utilized to develop your healthcare business.
  • Varied services:
    Attending patients’ phone calls is not just what a healthcare call center can do. There are tons of other outbound and inbound call center services like pharmacy and prescription assistance; medical insurance verification; appointment scheduling and reminders; claim management and status; physicians’ referrals; revenue recovery and billing; healthcare exchange navigation and post care patient survey.
  • Avoid mistakes and hefty penalties:
    The healthcare sector is sensitive. You have access to patient records, medical information, and all-around sensitive data. Additionally, health insurance portability and accountability rules and regulations can be challenging to navigate. The right BPO partner will ensure your organization meets all guidelines, is up to date on new rules and regulations, and can even help you avoid costly billing issues. Besides, continuous customer service quality assurance is also crucial that you can get by healthcare services outsourcing.
  • Increase your list of offerings
    When you outsource non-core or non-essential roles, you get enough internal resources in hand to expand your services. With outsourcing, you will possibly have more time, expertise, technological know-how and financial resources to implement new strategies or special services in your practice.
  • Dedicated assistance:
    None of the clinics keep resources more than what is required. So, shortage of staff during sudden rush hours will always remain. Reducing patient dissatisfaction during busy hours is something that healthcare service outsourcing provides.

By hiring healthcare BPO services, you ensure your patients get 24/7 assistance.

 They will receive every patient’s call; provide them emergency assistance and book appointments.

How to choose the best Healthcare BPO partner?

When you look for the best healthcare BPO partner, what do you consider? Do you know the necessary considerations for selecting a third party for healthcare customer service?

One of the most important criteria is the company should be HIPAA compliant. What do you mean by HIPAA? HIPAA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulation set by the governing bodies to protect sensitive data of patients from being mistreated or hacked. So, it is most crucial to consider a call center partner with HIPAA compliance.

Contact centers that deal with PHI or protected health information must have process security measures ready and they should abide by these rules to make sure the services they provide are compliant to HIPAA.

How Fusion CX can help?

If you are looking for an expert healthcare and medical call center, Fusion CX can be your best outsourcing partner. With more than a decade of experience in offering customized and cost-effective contact center solutions for customers around the globe, Fusion CX has become a leading name in call center services outsourcing. The 24×7 multichannel call center provides services for healthcare ranging from appointment scheduling, Dental Claims Assistance, Insurance Verification, Physician Referrals, Member Retention and Outreach, Post Care Patient Surveys, Insurance Verification, Medicare Plan Enrollment, Revenue Cycle Management, Billing and hosts of back office support services that boost operational competence.

Fusion CX is a one-of-a-kind healthcare BPO provider with HIPAA and HITECH compliance for ensuring data security. We are equipped with skilled professionals who are given customized training for our healthcare clients and their specific requirements.  Expert knowledge in healthcare and medical domain, backed by the latest technology, Work At Home solution can ensure seamless operation and enhancement of your medical facility.

If you want to outsource many or any of your requirements to the best healthcare BPO company, get in touch with Fusion CX right away! 

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