11 Qualities of A High Performing and Successful Healthcare BPO Partner

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Irrespective of the industry, an ideal BPO partnership should not be restricted to fulfilling just the basics. It should also serve the purpose of delivering value beyond expectations. Healthcare BPO has become an integral part of most hospitals and medical care departments. It helps with cost efficiency, provide domain-centric services, and improve patient satisfaction.

The rapidly changing healthcare spectrum, compliance, and Income Tax regulations have made it difficult for hospitals and offices to keep up with the latest update. Teaming up with a Healthcare BPO partner can help them stay updated and meet compliances every time. To operate in a world full of uncertainties and higher expectations, healthcare organizations should have well-equipped technology and a skilled workforce. However, not every Medical healthcare outsourcing partnership is beneficial. You have to choose the best among many healthcare contact center

So, how do you know if a Healthcare BPO can help your business grow? How do you know if a partnership is going to be helpful?

Here are 11 qualities of a high performing healthcare contact center. Take a look

  1. Leveraging on automation and analytics
    If a company is not relying on automation and data analytics in this era, it is bound to lag. The same is for Healthcare BPO companies. Automation and analytics are some of the critical drivers of process improvement. Automation enhances cognitive computing capabilities, boost speed, agility, and accuracy, which are required for patient satisfaction. For more futuristic strategies, automation data and analytics will drastically shape outcomes in a positive direction.         
  2. Meeting compliances
    Much of the regulation around healthcare keeps changing and meeting each one of them is an obligation. A compliant-focus hospital is more trustworthy to patients. Any reputable provider of call center services has a dedicated team whose primary focus is to understand the nuances and intricacies of compliance programs so that they can help you meet stringent regulations and standards every time. It is a continuous process, so make sure the healthcare BPO you partner with can provide continuous support.
  3. Improving the productivity of customers as well as business
    As the hospital business continues to expand, the budget tends to decrease over the period. Hence, improving productivity becomes critical. The non-core functions that you have outsourced to a BPO will never fall below standard. The healthcare BPO partner continuously measures and assesses the performance of their in-house resources as well as paying customers/ patients for improving productivity. 
  4. Making recommendations for enhancing methodologies
    Instead of being okay with lift-and-shift methods, a successful BPO will work closely with the healthcare organization, evaluate existing in-house processes, and recommend betterment. They also eliminate steps or processes from their end that are no longer required. Uncluttered, streamlined processes are the key to success. 
  5. Design thinking and process maturity
    Call center services from reputed partners include best practices obtained from past experiences. The rise in the design thinking approach has helped medical healthcare outsourcing providers with process maturity. It leads to the generation of creative ideas and better usage of analytical skills and tools.
  6. Lifecycle management and holistic capabilities
    Healthcare outsourcing services take care of provider lifecycle management, member lifecycle management, claims benefits management, and healthcare revenue cycle management. A highly specialized healthcare BPO will offer solutions in all these areas, with industry understanding and holistic abilities.
  7. Agile team for scaling up and down as per client’s need
    BPO services for healthcare can be scaled up and down based on clients’ requirements. The services are agile and innovative that meets industry standards. Like every industry, healthcare also experiences high season and low season. During high season, the hospitals and medical care departments outsource a large number of their services. From appointment setting to medical billing, from chatbot services to transcription and insurance processing, varied complex and strenuous activities are taken care of by medical call centers. 
  8. Offering profit that is easy to measure
    Most clinical departments and companies outsource because they want to maximize their profits. When you rely on healthcare outsourcing services, make sure it can demonstrate how and where you are making profits. The results you get should be measurable, and methods should be KPI driven. 
  9. Domain-centric possess expertise
    A suitable healthcare BPO should possess the necessary skills and specialized expertise to handle complex healthcare services with ease. Unlike other BPOs, a healthcare contact center has to be highly industry-specific with specialized services like physician referral services, prescription filling, telehealth support, contact tracing services, medical coding, and billing, etc.
  10. Providing robust governance credentials
    This includes SLAs, Statements of Work, Master Service Agreements, and on-time reporting of operational activities. BPO services with more focus on these areas will facilitate peace of mind and showcase your best interests.
  11. Providing patient-centric services
    Where do healthcare providers lack? They lack in providing patient-centric services. Whether it is a virtual reception help desk or prescription filing, understanding customers and speaking to them with empathy can go a long way. Experienced healthcare BPO can help escalate customer experience by providing excellent customer service and exceed client expectations.

Maximize your benefits

If you still think medical healthcare outsourcing is only a cost-cutting measure, you miss several other benefits. These benefits can positively impact your business and improve operations. But, it all begins with choosing the right HIPAA compliant Healthcare BPO partner like Fusion CX. We hope this practical checklist will help you vet potential healthcare call center partners. If you want to know more, call us now! 

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