Social Customer Services – The New Platform to Personalize Customer Support

Social Customer Services

In year 2013, customers crave for more personalized support in the social world.

What Do The Customers Actually Need? –  They need something more than convenient access to the customer service. They need a genuine level of human interaction that is able to drive positive customer experience. According to the statistics, 81% of the customer service winners are outperforming in the competitive market and growing their presence in social media.

Studies also affirm that 92% of the interactions are still done over the phone and 71% of the consumers want to keep it the same way.  At Fusion CX, we strongly believe that agent must master personal touch while they engage in conversations with their prospects. It’s not only a healthy customer acquisition practice but it also goes a long way in customer retention as well.

Customer Care Is Vital For All the Fortune 500 Companies

According to the statistics, 81% of the companies deliver excellent customer support and gives a tough competition to their business rivals. Well, if you look into percentage of customers leaving the company because of poor customer service is around 68%.

What The Companies Need To Do If They Lose Customers?  – They need to multiply the customer maintenance cost seven times than the usual investment.

What Are Those Sections Where The Company Needs To Increase Their Efficiency? Check out this cool assessment made by the outperforming companies:

Companies Who Fails To Maintain Customer Support Companies Who Outperforms For Maintaining Customer Support
Increase in Retention – 2% Increase in Retention – 10%
Decrease in Company Costs – 10% Decrease in Company Costs – 30%

Despite this, many of the companies are not making from the most of their customer support services.

Shift towards Social Media

Social media is able to keep the customers engaged through the social channels. 29% of the customers prefer online customer service and among them 62% are already satisfied with the social customer services. Despite the growing significance of the social media customer service, many businesses are still ignoring it.

Do you know 56% of the companies; do not respond to Facebook pages? Their consumers expect that they will get a response to the online complaints almost the same day it is posted. As the number of companies who ignore social media platform is less, so it is expected that by 2020, 90% of the companies will integrate social media to their customer service department.

Contact Center Still Rules

71% of the consumers prefer to have a telephonic conversation and 92% of the customer care call center for your business caters it to let you have the desired global exposure. Since, 60% of the customers are willing to pay for better experience. Check out the data to see the customer reaction to the telephonic conversation.

Customer Experience Percentages
Thinks that it takes longer time to reach the live agents 72%
Thinks that they are put on hold for a longer time 69%
Do not like to be transferred more than once 94%
Gets angry when agents do not have immediate access to their queries 84%

Contact Centers Continues To Maintain the Human Relationship

Even though the social media continue to master the customer service platform, human interaction and the contact center, retains efficiency and maintains the healthy relationship. They just need to add a personal touch to the conversation. As an industry leader in outsourcing business, Fusion CX stresses on personalized approach while handling customers and prospects. As a result they earn more brownie points in terms of sales and customer retention.

Do You Want To Know How A Better Interaction Will Help Your Company?

  • 59% will love to explore a new brand just to check out whether they will get a superior service or not.
  • 45% of the online consumers will like to ignore the brand if they do not get an immediate feedback.
  • 50% of the customers expect a response to the complaint within one day, so social media is the worthy connection for that.
  • 66% of the say that the companies must value their time.
  • 73% of the business in America likes to spend on the outsourcing companies who provide better customer service.

For achieving the goal contact center, how to satisfy each of the customers and their demand by 4 simple steps:

  1. Recognizing the worth of the customers
  2. Providing immediate feedbacks to customers
  3. Understanding then social shift
  4. Valuing customer time

Therefore, it is important to value your customer if you want to say ahead of your competitors!

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