An Insight on How to Deliver a Globally Consistent Customer Experience

Deliver a Globally Consistent Customer Experience

If you do not take care of your customers, someone else will.

Now, you cannot get any truer than that. Customer today is well-informed and well equipped with the latest technology.  So, if a business cannot satisfy a customer and/or turn a deaf ear to his needs, he will take the shortest route out of its customer list and may also take a few customers or prospects along.

You cannot let that happen – especially in the present competitive market.

In the present world, consumer is the king and every business is trying their best to deliver a never-before customer experience to win their favor. But winning the favor of your customers is not a matter of joke – you need the right skills, professionalism, and technology to deliver state-of-the art customer experience to your customers.  Or else, you can also hire a business process outsourcing company to achieve your goal. But before opting for an outsourcing partner, you need to find answers to a few questions.

  • What delivery model will give us freedom from issues like employee hiring, training, motivation, performance and attrition?
  • How to create a leaner operations organization structure that allows us to handle more volume in limited resources without compromising on customer experience?
  • How do we create a globally consistence customer experience model?
  • How to use technology to solve experience related issues?

In a nutshell – a BPO with a new and innovative BPO model designed to deliver a globally consistent customer experience with limited resources should be your outsourcing partner.

We at Fusion CX often came across such critical questions and technical issues in our 10 years’ journey as one of the leading name in the BPO industry. We understand that the customer attitude is changing and so the customer experience too needs to go through a transformation.

We have also experienced that operational issues, incremental sales, skill and many other such factors can at times be a predicament to delivering a globally consistent customer experience. On our part, we try to deal with each issue by making the right moves.

Operation: We follow a Resourcing Model

We believe in that the clients should play a supervisory role in delivering performance. Our staffing system is legitimate and perceived to be pareto optimal – so any changes in the staffing system may have an adverse effect on some operational variables.

So, we have a stable operational model that can deliver optimum level of performance while ensuring a state-of-the-art customer experience.

At Fusion CX we give more emphasis on creating an outsourcing culture which is way different from local geography-based outsourcing. We emphasize on hiring talents and creating a talent pool for specialized positions in experience quality, compliance quality, agent training, managerial training and analytics.

We create a resourcing model in which each individual delivers their personal best.  We also need to implement a more effective Analytics driven operation to control and moderate service against all odds.

Commercial Models: Flexibility is the Key

Through the ages, we have seen a number of commercial models of operation – from effort-based model to outcome-based model, we have adapted different models in different times. And even though at present we follow a flexible yet standard model, we still manage to allow ourselves some room for proactive investment in innovation resources.

In future we would like to offer innovative, bespoke solutions to our clients that will not only benefit our clients but also add to the overall customer experience of their brands. However, in that case, we may want to change our existing commercial model after discussing the possibilities.

Communication Channels: Self Service and Multi-channel Communication are here to Stay

The emergence of a bevy of new communication channels seem like a fresh lease of life to the BPO industry. Now the customers can reach you through various communication channels such as – Live chat, social media, FAQ-based self service, IVR-based service etc.

Though channels like self-service and offline channels were created to offer a wide variety of options to the customers, it is now seen that the channels can co-exist with each other and contribute to customer management.

At Fusion CX, we think a multi-channel approach along with an algorithm based multistep self service is the best way to improve customer experience. We feel that we need to ensure that the resolution is customized to the problem of a customer and how the problem is articulated.

If the client is willing to give his/her customer a state-of-the-art globally consistent customer experience, then delivering a personalized experience of self-service will help him score brownie points. It will also be the next step of automation and a wise move towards call volume deflation without compromising on customer experience.

Incremental Sales: Probability Based Offering is the solution

It is no secret that every BPO agent looks for potential opportunity to cross sell or up sell in every call. And why not, after all logically each satisfied customer can be considered as a potential candidate for incremental sale.

However, in a practical world, we have seen that customers do not like it to be approached with a sales offer every time. It eventually ruins their customer experience.

We at Fusion CX, make it a point not to be pushy about incremental sales. We follow a real-time model that helps us learn and adapt algorithm to find out the probability of a sale in each call.  If there is a probability, our trained agents always like to suggest new offers for the clients based on their buying pattern in a courteous manner.

After that, it is up to the customer whether he/she will opt for it or not. In other words we need to opt for a Probability Based Offering (PBO).

Quality: Opt For a Custom Quality Analysis Process

Over the past 10 years the quality system technology used in customer service has undergone a sea change. Techniques such as transaction recording, auditing and speech to text analysis are widely being used.

At Fusion CX we believe in designing a custom quality analysis process. We should divide our agents based on compliance and experience and analyze their quality differently.

We must keep our agents under observation and empower them to deliver quality experience to the customers. Rather than measuring an agent’s quality parameters, we should also measure an agent’s effectiveness.

This enable will help each agents play to their personal strength and deliver high quality experience to the customer. On the other hand, we should also measure the quality of the supervisors and managers based on their knowledge and experience. If both teams can deliver optimum quality, it will be a win-win situation for us and our clients.

Analysis: Analyze Customer Satisfaction to Deliver A Globally Consistence Customer Experience

Customer-experience related analytics is one of the most vital recent additions to the parameters. We need to be able to measure customer satisfaction or loyalty in order to deliver optimum customer satisfaction. Though many BPOs have tried to throw light in this part or analysis, the potential of this area has still not been tapped.

We can empower the customer in this regards and based on their satisfaction we can analyze the resolution given to them. This will help us deliver a more personalized service and learn more about customer behavior.

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