Fusion CX Named as India’s Best Recommended Medical Billing Services Provider

It’s been 33+ years since Fusion CX started helping clients, and to this day, we get excited whenever we welcome new opportunities. As we celebrate our 33rd year in the industry, we’re delightfully beaming to share the latest achievement we’ve unlocked as a team. Most recently, we’ve been made aware that The Manifest recognized our company as India’s most recommended medical billing services provider for 2021!

To give you an understanding on how big this is for us, we’re here to share with you our journey.

Established in 2004, Fusion CX aimed to disrupt the “outsourcing” industry by doing things differently. Fueled by our passion and commitment to our clients, we’ve continuously grown and improved our services. Our winning formula ensured our clients the best possible results for their needs and investments.

The dedication we demonstrate garners praise and recognition from several award-giving institutions and industry professionals. Some of the awards that we’ve received over the years include Global Workforce Management Forum’s Most Impactful System Award, Business Leader of the Year award from the World Leadership Congress and Award, TMC CRM Excellence Award, and more. To add to our collection, Fusion CX is part of The Manifest’s 2021 list of India’s leading companies.

The Manifest is a business news platform that helps browsers stay informed with the latest survey data on different B2B related topics. The site is dedicated to providing comprehensive industry wisdom to provide leverage to possible clients and service providers.

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Based on their latest findings, Fusion CX is among the top 15 most reviewed and recommended medical billing services providers in India. Our team’s undeniable success, which was gauged through our pricing, quality, and project management, was highlighted by our appreciative clients. Their feedback made this amazing recognition a reality for us.

“The entire Fusion CX family is honored to have received an excellence award by The Manifest for delivering impeccable medical billing services.”
— Chief Executive Officer of Fusion CX

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