How to Boost Customer Loyalty in E-Commerce Business by Outsourcing Live Chat Support

Customer loyalty is the key to business success. However, in this age of competition, one has to earn this loyalty over time by providing high-quality products and a great customer experience across the sales process. When your B2B or B2C business has an online presence, introducing e-commerce live chat support takes your customer service and customer engagement to a whole new level. It helps you build loyalty and trust and significantly boosting your sales figures.

Live chat allows you to assist your audience to your eCommerce site in real-time. Your prospects can reach out to a live chat support agent with questions and inquiries and get real-time answers and resolutions on a 24/7 basis. This type of on-the-spot engagement is becoming very popular, especially with the millennials, who expect eCommerce brands to value their time.

If you find it challenging to provide live chat support to your eCommerce customers on a 24/7 basis, you can always think of outsourcing your live chat support services to a reputed live chat call center.

Live chat contact centers focus on improving customer experience in many ways. they can:

  • Answer customer inquiries promptly and efficiently
  • Help customers decide what they want
  • Maximize the chances of purchase through constant customer engagement.
  • With the right customer engagement call center, you can get the perfect balance of AI chatbot and human live chat agents that makes your live chat customer engagement more effective in terms of customer experience and cost-efficiency. As a result, you can reap all the benefits of live chat outsourcing support and build customer loyalty.

Benefits of e-commerce live chat outsourcing to a customer engagement call center

1. Improved customer satisfaction:

As per Zendesk’s Benchmark report, live chat has the highest satisfaction rate (92%) among all customer service channels. Through the right live chat call center, it is possible to provide your customers with an instant response. It also allows Live chat agents to share educational links and documents, which is impossible to achieve via a phone call.

2. Increased e-commerce sales:

Benefits in terms of conversions: When your customers have questions about their product of choice, they tend to abandon it if they don’t get a quick answer. Live chat support allows service agents to answer customer questions, helping to close the sale instantly. As per the American Marketing Association, live chat interactions can boost conversion rates for B2B customers by up to 20%.

Benefits in terms of increase in order values: When your customer gets interested in an accessory for the product they are purchasing, for example, a cell phone, recommendations from a live chat agent can help make that sale. The agent can up-sell or cross-sell a related item, adding to the original order value.

3. Shortened sales process”

When questions are quickly answered, helpful recommendations can be made, issues can be instantly resolved, and you can quickly move customers through the sales cycle to checkout.

4. Decreased costs:

Decrease in cost per interaction: As live chat customer service agents or an AI-powered live chatbot can partake in multiple live chat conversations at once, they provide faster customer support, resulting in a lower cost per interaction.

Decrease in call volume: Once customers gets acquainted with live chat support, it tends to become their preferred method of communication. As a result, you receive fewer phone calls, which minimizes the cost of voice communication.

Decrease in customer attrition: Live chat increases customer retention by 48% to 63%. The returning customers are already loyal, which makes selling to them easier and more cost-effective than converting new customers. According to studies, it can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining a customer.

Outsourcing the live chat process to a reputed customer engagement call center like Fusion CX allows you to provide your customers with the benefit of human contact and technology with convenience. It provides the perfect solution that increases customer lifetime value by combining technology with personal contact.

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