Creating a Seamless Phygital Experience: Bridging Online and Offline Shopping

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In today’s digital era, consumers wield more power than ever. According to eMarketer, 76% of US adults shop online. However, merging online and offline sales is the key to turning customers into brand advocates. The BigCommerce and PayPal 2021 consumer spending report found that only 54.5% of Americans preferred in-person shopping, while 12.2% were indifferent. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated changes in consumption habits, boosting digital adoption and online shopping. As these two channels need for integrated, we bring this blog on creating a seamless phygital experience.

Despite this, many consumers miss the personalized service of in-store interactions and aren’t ready to give it up. Amid this duality, a new concept has emerged that combines the best of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail: the phygital experience.

What is Phygital?

Phygital combines the online and offline environments, utilizing key features from each to create a satisfying customer experience. Unlike previous marketing tactics, Phygital focuses on multichannel and omnichannel strategies, making the purchasing process fluid and cohesive.

phygital for Retail Stores

Understanding the Phygital Concept

Consumers are not just buyers; they are feelers. Even with the convenience of online shopping, 42% of consumers prefer in-store experiences for the ability to touch, feel, and interact with products. Conversely, customers often see products in-store and later purchase them online. This duality shows that customers want both the interpersonal interactions of physical stores and the convenience of online shopping.

Phygital combines the immediacy, immersion, and speed of digital experiences with human interaction and tangible elements of physical stores. This approach satisfies hyper-connected, demanding consumers by meeting their needs across multiple platforms.

How can we ensure a phygital user experience?

Phygital focuses on the “three I’s”: immediacy, immersion, and interaction.

  1. Immediacy: Ensuring experiences happen at the exact moment needed.
  2. Immersion: Making the user an integral part of the experience.
  3. Interaction: Engaging in meaningful communication to activate both physical and emotional aspects of purchasing.

To achieve a phygital experience, companies must leverage technology for immediacy and immersion while fostering interaction. This approach builds trust, reinforces empathy, and enhances the user experience.

Example of Phygital Experience

Amazon Go grocery stores in the US are a prime example of phygital. Customers scan a code with their smartphones, pick their products, and leave without checking out. They receive an e-receipt detailing the amount charged to their account.

How can a call center create a seamless phygital experience?

Call centers play a crucial role in shaping the phygital experience. They enhance customer engagement and satisfaction through prompt support across multiple channels, ensuring a seamless journey.

  1. Immediacy: Call centers provide real-time assistance, improving customer satisfaction.
  2. Immersion: Multichannel communication strategies keep customers engaged, creating immersive experiences.
  3. Interaction: Human agents add empathy, connecting customers to the brand and enhancing trust.

For example, customers purchasing a product online and opting for in-store pickup can schedule their visit via the call center, avoiding wait times and ensuring a personalized experience.

Final thoughts

Today’s customers seek connected experiences where physical and digital interactions coexist seamlessly. By adopting a phygital strategy, you can integrate online and offline experiences, allowing customers to move between them effortlessly. This approach enhances human interaction in digital, in-store, and call center experiences, boosting customer sentiment and driving sales.

Ready to elevate your customer experience with a phygital strategy? Partner with us to seamlessly integrate your online and offline customer interactions. Our expert team will help you create a cohesive, immersive, personalized journey for your customers, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

Contact us today to discover how we can transform your retail experience and drive your business forward. Let’s make your customer experience truly phygital!

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