5 Ways to Revamp Your Customer Care Outsourcing

Customer Care Outsourcing

Do you know about the current contact center trend moving around the world? They are changing an order-taking contact center into revenue generating contact centers. They are no longer that vanilla customer service center, but something more productive and sophisticated.

A service call delivered in the customer care call center is the lifeline to initiate sales cycle. Contact center is making every possible effort to leverage revenue generation through the right channel.

In a customer call center, each call is an excellent opportunity, which if effectively leveraged can generate better sales results. Call center agent gives their full attention to the calls and resolves the query easily.

A fact that Destination CRM Magazine released in their latest online issue: Generation ‘Y’ with a population of 100 million represents an annual buying power of $1 trillion. Buyers who falls into this segment are – tech-savvy, indulges in the online research before purchasing and expecting experts help when they are sales-ready.

Potential buying traffic is diverted to contact centers for various reasons, especially for the sales opportunities. However, converting these opportunities to real revenue in the challenge.

Fusion CX has revamped the customer care service with 5 effective ways. Let us see what they are:

Bringing the Change in Hiring Engine

The employee recruitment process focuses on identifying, selecting and recruiting candidates who has the professional traits to handle the call within the contact centers. Some of the traits include:

Interpersonal Skills: It is vital that a sales person must naturally react to people with an ability to adapt to various kinds of situations and other different personalities.

Resilience: It is the way to pursue the objectives and goals with motivation and patience.

Other traits include: Inspire trust, identify the critical issues in the conversation, negotiation, passion and enthusiasm, maintaining integrity.

Effective Agent Training

At Fusion CX, we believe in the motto, “sales people are not born, they are trained.” Yes, to us training is the most essential priority to reinforce sales culture within a contact center itself. The contact center agent’s helps to increase up sell and cross sell and offers a new product and service. Just to provide an early version it is essential to put forward a good sales-closing question. Introduction to the domain is also an eminent way to build a confident pool so that agents could sell better. However, training is not limited to contact center agents; the team managers are also associated.

Scheduling of the Calls

Best agents in the contact center are kept under the notice and are deployed to attain calls at the peak hours.

At Fusion CX, we use advanced workforce management solutions that are able to forecast sales in peak hours and schedule the call handling by the best agents. With that, we have intelligent call-routing technology that prioritizes calls based on agents and customer profile. Planning and scheduling not only help to increase the chance of up sell and cross sell, but also bolsters the impetus of the agent to take care of the customers.


Yes, the incentive is the key aspect to determine the motivating factor that influences sales funnel in contact centers. At Fusion CX, we recommend the outcome-based incentive structure for sales on high margin products and revenue generated in each transaction.

Valuable Feedback

Do you know the contact center agents are the strongest link with the customer? The agents inculcate sustained behavior of respecting an agent’s idea as well as the feedback.

These basic 5 ways allow leading contact centers to pave the smooth path for an effective customer care. We follow it to make ourselves globally exposed!

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