5 Quick Tips That Can Improve Your Customer Experience Instantly

Improve Your Customer Experience Instantly

Businesses talk about quality customer experience. But are they really practicing what they preach? Let us look at the data:

According to Forrester’s 2016 U.S. Customer Experience (CX) Index Report, consumers said that only 1 percent of U.S. businesses deliver excellent customer service. The same research found that the state of customer experience stayed stagnant among Canadian businesses, and none of the U.K. companies received a top-rated score.

Clearly, with everyone talking about customer experience, such a scenario was not expected. It clearly shows that most businesses are either clueless about customer experience or are too lazy to go that extra mile to give their customers a state-of-the-art experience.

Either way, it seems that the businesses have a lot to learn to improve customer experience. It will take many big and small changes to reach that place where they can deliver top-class customer experience. Here are a few quick-fixes that can help businesses improve their customer service in an instance.

1. Say thank you to a power user

Strengthening your relationship with your power users sometimes means going offline. Take the time to understand how your product fits into your customer’s life, recognizing them and appreciating their business in a uniquely meaningful way will make them feel special.

2. Personalize

It has been a trend for many pizza shops to draw a picture on the pizza box on personal request. Other businesses can take a lesson from them and start entertaining personal requests on their packaging. While it takes an extra minute or two, such personalization sends a clear message to customers that they are seen and heard and that their decision to give you their business is appreciated by you.

For example – you can ask for your customer’s choice about how he wants to be addressed the first time he calls and use the same address every single time. This is particularly important during the trial period. Taking the time to connect with your customer on a personal level builds a bond between the customer and the brand that the customer will remember when the trial is over.

3. Give away free stuff

One of the surest ways to make customers happy is to give them free stuff. But there is a difference between giving away useless stuff and providing customers with added bonuses that add value to their life or to their business. And do not forget to personalize the stuff. You see, not everyone will find the same thing interesting.

Therefore, you should use a web personalization strategy to help you determine the type of free offering you should offer to different customer segments.

4. Fix problems before they occur

One way of creating outstanding customer experiences and making customers happy is to solve your customer’s problems before they realize they exist.

The idea is to stay one step ahead of the customer. It will give you chance to solve problems proactively and create a flawless customer experience. It also offers you ample scope of planning your customer outreach and personalizing it.

5. Fix your ineffective signup form

Sign up forms are often among the first things you see when visiting a product page for the first time. A lengthy form can send potential customers back before you get the chance to explain what your product does.

Take time to re-evaluate your forms with the help of new and existing users. Ideally, you should include their feedback to create a more professional, comfortable experience. You can incorporate a few of these tips in your customer experience to improve its quality instantly.

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