Top 3 Call Center Practices that Consumers Prefer

Happy Consumers

Being an entrepreneur, what do you think as the most essential part of your business – Customers? Yes, the customers are our main priority. We have to keep them satisfied and happy so that they not only become our potential buyer but also a loyal friend.

In the last few months of 2012, we found that evolving call center technology is expanding customer base faster than the other years. The call centers worked up on different goals, hired the right people, motivated their staffs and understood the right metrics. With all these implementation customers has really turned out to be the winner.

However, there are some instances in which call centers still lags. Customers have their own set of expectation, which contact center managers often fail to achieve. If the managers take care of those aspects, then they are surely going to turn their business into the next Fortune 500 companies.

As a leader in the contact center industry, Fusion CX knows that customers are the lifeline of business. They are at the top of the priority list, and we consider the implementation of the best practices for our call center success.

According to the benchmark research report by ForeSee demonstrates, customer satisfaction has a large impact on the call center success. Based on the report, a model was prepared. Have a look:

Above result shows that satisfied customers are surely going to engage, interact, purchase and refer. Therefore, it clearly states that if we meet and exceed the customer expectations then we are going to be successful.

According to the report, three things, which a customer expects from a contact center, are:

1) Best Platform to Share Information

The customer turns frustrated when information recorded over the IVR is lost when the call gets transferred to the agents. So, do not allow the IVR or the CTI to become a hinder in your success path. Gather all call information prior to place a call and ‘whisper’ it to the agent. This allows your employees to spend more time providing customer service and less time in collecting the data.

2) Enhanced IVR Experience

If you are sending the callers on a wild goose chase, and ask them to navigate through the complicated phone menu, then you are sure to earn irate customers as returns. Many times, callers will zero-out in the hope of a quicker response, which leads to high costs as call get misdirected constantly. Visual IVR is a better option to replace the traditional phone menu, which has a visual interface on the web or mobile device.

3) Eliminating Call Holding Time

In our previous blog, we have discussed that call center benefits a lot by eliminating call holding time. Callers are of the opinion that they feel disrespected when they have to wait long in the call queue. Offer customers with scheduled callback option and let the callers choose a time that works best for them. The call centers need to connect the customers with the right agent every time regardless of where the calls come from – Web or Smartphone.

These three tips are just simple and inexpensive ways to stick to your potential customers and live up to their expectations.

At Fusion CX, we believe that our customers have other important things to do, rather than listening to the hold music. So we do not make our customer feel cringe when they think to call our contact center.

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