Why is Telemarketing Outsourcing to India so Alluring?

Call center outsourcing to India

Telemarketing outsourcing is no longer a fashion, it is a real business necessity. Such a step ensures that the business’s telemarketing endeavors reap the desired fruits. Ever thought about what would be the ideal outsourcing destination in case you contemplate deploying a third party to take care of your telemarketing campaigns? Well, recent market trends suggest that India has become the most cherished call center outsourcing destination.

Why such preference? Yes, there are reasons behind it, and let’s have a look at those.

India is one of the developing countries; the economy is looking for avenues to kick-start the process of growth. And the ever-increasing population of the country is on the lookout for job opportunities. Hence, the government incentives and the population make the whole atmosphere conducive to the grow the call center industry. According to the laws of classical economics, the abundance of labor supply significantly reduces labor costs. This reduces the overall operational expenses of the Indian call centers.

However, these reduced operational costs do not affect the quality of services. To assess the outcomes of cold-calling campaigns, an onsite monitor is appointed to collect valuable feedback from the field and send it back to the workstation. Such feedback is crucial if the errors in the approach are to be corrected.

Another factor that favors the Indian call centers is the time zone to which the country belongs. Two or three operational shifts by the agents and all-around support services can be provided to the global clientele base on behalf of the business.

Undoubtedly, the call center industry in India has emerged as a savior for the US business firms.

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