Retail Services @Call Centers: Add More Customers to Your Shopping Cart

More Customers to Your Shopping Cart

Retail is the most attention-grabbing business, where customer expects to notice them immediately and expect issues to resolve in the first interaction with a responsive customer rep.

The success of the retailers depends on the number of repeat customers the business gets. Retailers who expect to earn repeat customers should identify the interaction channels and must assess whether the interaction is going to drive results or build loyalty.

Recent researches done by Interbrand Design Forum shows that customer asks for:

  • Immediate attention, as they are used to brick and mortar store, online shopping is like riddle to them.
  • They want their issues to resolve with the use of friendly representatives over the phone, chat or email (omni-channel service)
  • Customer-centric retailers and not channel-centric

Retailers who can meet the above customer needs can raise their number of repeat business. This made retail industry turn to call centers and outsource their customer support/ customer service/customer retention campaigns.

Why do they choose outsourcing? – Since, call centers have the skill, knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create loyal customers.

Fusion CX, an eminent name in the outsourcing industry takes care of three aspects to refine the customer approach and support for the retail clients. Here, we are going to share our outlook to help the retail industry understand how a call center can be a catalyst to their retail business.

Adding More Customers to Your Shopping Cart

Customers who come to online retail shops are in a hurry to resolve their problems faster that too in a friendly manner. In-house agents though try hard, but fail to maintain the top-notch service as they miss the necessary skills and equipment that the call center people have.

What makes call center people unique?

  • Responsive agents
  • We support customer 24/7/365 days
  • We have agents with good knowledge on the brand, brand culture, products and customer behavior
  • Agents can set exception to build customer loyalty

Resolving Customer Issues/Downstream Issues Immediately

According to the latest report, immediate attention is the prior demand of the customers who come to shop in the retail stores. It is just not about resolving issues at first chance, but also anticipates about downstream issue that can take birth because of the first issue.

The online retailers give out store credit on the return of sales items. Nevertheless, if the customer contacts the customer support to return the package, the in-house customer service reps immediately initiates the return process. However, fails to inform the customers that he or she will only get the store credit.

After customers’ initial problems meet a solution, he or she proceeds to make a query on the cash credit. This, however, results in repeat contact. If the customer got the information in the first contact that the sale items are eligible for stores and not for cash credit, repeat contact might not have occurred.

The customer reps at call center take care of such downstream issues and resolve them in the first interaction.

Attention-Grabbing Customers

Customers who visit the online retail shop are in a hurry to grab attention. They want the retail shop to handle their issue prior to any other in the queue. Thus, leveraging the customer support to call center minimizes the number of calls on hold.

Since, call centers work with appealing customer service modules they work hard to reduce the number of call on holds.

The customer service models we use at Fusion CX blends dedicated and shared platforms where we can handle the huge call volumes (both seasonal and regular) and any over normal customer activity. With our customer service model, we are able to reduce customer service cost for our retail clients.

Call center is no longer a simple cost-cutter, but its helps to uphold your brand face before the customers. It spreads the word-of-mouth making business gel with sustainable profits and loyal customers.

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