Email as a potent tool for qualified lead generation

With the level of competition intensifying with each passing day, it is becoming increasingly difficult for business marketing personnel to fulfill the targets rather than the requirements of qualified lead generation. The outbound telemarketing campaigns are the best business strategy for this purpose. However, incessant promotional calls have hurt the productivity of telemarketing campaigns. Result? An adequate amount of qualified business leads could not be produced.

The business firms, rather than the sales lead generation companies, had to compensate for the loss. So, they came up with a new technique of email marketing. This technique is economical; it is faster and has a wider reach. If conducted with the required meticulousness, it complements the efforts through the telemarketing campaigns. Here are a few guidelines to ensure this new marketing campaign achieves the desired results. All call centers must adhere to these guidelines to experience the maximum benefits of email marketing.

The subject line should be appealing. Everyone with an email account receives hundreds of emails daily, if not more. These promotional emails must be appealing if they have to catch the target audience’s attention. Without a catchy subject, the target would not even bother to open the email and go through it.

In the email body, the content must be unique yet informative. The product or service to be marketed should be described in detail; the description has to be engaging. Besides, it is advised that the mail should contain a brief overview of the company and should also commit to a very pleasing business-buyer relationship. Another point of concern is that the emails should reach the inbox and not the spam folder.

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