10 Tips to Make Appointment Setting Campaigns Tagged As “UNIQUE”

Appointment Setting Campaigns

Appointment setting is a voice over the process and one of the core telemarketing services that we provide at Fusion CX. We make it a point that our team spends more than 20,000 hours to provide eminent telemarketing services.

At Fusion CX, we constantly evolve and improve our telemarketing processes. Rapid deployment of the new strategies and tools helps to bring notable difference in the nurturing of qualified B2B leads. We are proud of expertise and experience that our agents have, and hence we thought to share top 10 Tips that keep our team members focused.

Why do we call our appointment setting campaigns “Unique”? There are major reasons to tag it. Let us share the reasons that will enable you to stay on top of the game.

1. Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Is?

When you start the campaign, it is essential to know who your target audience is. Successful telemarketing needs careful planning, and recognizing your target audience is a part of the game. Spend some time thinking where is your target market, which people will feel interested in your products and services, what sector they work in etc. As soon as you define your target audience, soon you start getting better dividends from the appointment setting campaigns.

2. A Lot of Brainstorming Needs To Be Done When You Process the Call

When you set a new marketing strategy, like changing segment in the appointment setting campaign, make sure that you discuss it with your telemarketing team. This enables you to identify the challenges, which your agents might face during the implementation.

3. Get Ready For the Call

We do make sure that our agents are well prepared before they pick up the phone to speak with the customers. You might use a telemarketing script or a call flow, but determining a strategic opening line is necessary. It is essential for the agents to know products and service details, which they are going to offer over the phone. Potential customers are hard to convince if your agent is ill prepared.

4. Do Make Sure That You Are Speaking To the Decision Maker

At times, our telemarketer faces this problem. Our agent calls up, goes through the entire sales pitch and then discovers that they are not conversing with the decision maker. Making a sales pitch to the improper persons is simply wastage of time.

The person who is going to take the final decision is easy to convince. Hence, agents must understand the marketing chain and clarify the role of the person with whom they are talking.

5. You Need To Be Specific About the Campaign Details/Offers/Services

We know that the decision makers are quite busy, so agents have to churn potential results from the minimal time. To draw interest of the decision maker, our agents quickly establish the purpose of their calling, the product they are going to offer and build a quick rapport with the customer. Retaining your own persona helps the decision maker to engage in conversation on easier terms.

Decision makers receive such telemarketing calls every day, and hence they are skilled enough to detect the false voices. Injecting your own persona will help to pay better dividends.

6. Listen to What Your Customer Says

In the opening part of the sales call, the customer is communicating about his or her valuable information. This information helps the telemarketers to establish interest in the decision maker about the product and services they offer.

Listening is a powerful skill to grow rapport with the prospective customer. Fusion CX asks to indulge in conversation and not in a question-answer session with your potential customer.

7. Recognize the Needs and Match Them with Your Customer Benefits

It is important to make out what are the current needs of your customer. However, business has their ongoing issues and people would like to address them. If you have targeted the right customer, then your product is going to satisfy the immediate needs of the decision maker.

As we identify the business needs, our telemarketer places a particular product that can quickly resolve the decision maker’s issue. This generates better revenue that any other strategy you might implement.

8. Objections Are the Good Old Friends of a Telemarketer

For inexperienced telemarketers, objections are instant reaction. Hence, they automatically shut the call and proceeds to next. However, remember an objection is not rejection. When a potential customer raises objection, it indicates that they feel interested to discuss the details of the product/services. That is a way for customers to seek more information from the telemarketer.

Fusion CX and its telemarketers are capable enough to use every opportunity and emphasize the product strength, and never let a chance to demonstrate the depth of product knowledge.

9. Shed Coyness While Closing the Deal

It is important for the telemarketer to remember their objective. When you deliver the sales appointment, do not be afraid to close the deal. The decision makers expect to have an appointment offer at this point of time. Therefore, your telemarketer needs to take control of the conversation at this stage. If the prospective customers send the alternatives or are vague over the availability, then bring them back by suggesting specific dates.

10. At the End You Need To Summarize Everything

Ambiguity is the main cause behind confusion, and that can lead both customers and telemarketer to different opinions. The telemarketers should summarize the conversation with the decision maker and avoid confusion. Confirm the appointment date, sum up the benefits, offers, how it solves the particular business issues and time to meet. Make sure that the telemarketer and the customer are well aware of the next step.

As a marketer, you need to ascertain that the appointment setting campaign is able to meet the challenges posed by time and fluctuating market needs. Fusion CX can say that these 10 tips will improve the quality of your B2B telemarketing campaigns and thus boost your sales teams’ performance.

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