IVR Scripting for Improving IVR Usability

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When scripts are written for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, it means that the phone answering service call centers make efforts in writing the IVR menu options in an extremely simple language and in well-framed sentences, so that listeners understand messages accurately and also do not have to concentrate. For making IVR user-friendly, the phone answering service call centers have to focus on scripting menus, categorizing the complex menus into simpler sub-menus, as well as scripting phrases that are used for offering information.

In case of scripting, the menu options must be clearly scripted and accuracy of options is a must. The options must be appropriate so that callers can understand all options clearly. When dividing the complex or large options in IVR systems, live answering service firms either group options or categorizes options in two-level menus instead of having one. This assists the first time callers of businesses in using the IVR system and makes the entire process a smooth affair. This kind of division also makes the process much faster and saves time for the callers.

The phrases must also be scripted tactfully; the phrases are usually written by a professional team of writers at the live answering service call centers; these phrases are likely to be recorded or may be used with TTS. When proper scripts are absent at the call centers, the IVR might not be usable even by experts at handling IVR systems. The technology will be a total waste without proper scriptwriting for it.

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