How to Know if Agents are Trained Successfully

Call center agents training

All Philippines call centers to make special efforts at designing training programs so that the agents know what they are supposed to do and how they are expected to do so. The training sessions can be effective or they might not be effective; it is up to the Philippines call centers to find out if the venture has been successful. All agents are not trained well using the same equipment and mechanisms; there are some phone answering service agents who are trained better through pictorial descriptions and flow charts, whereas others might learn better when provided lectures or theoretical classes.

However, no amount of training will tell that it is successful until the agents are tested on what they have been coached. The phone answering service managers must create opportunities that make agents deal with crisis situations that they have to face for real on the job. Half of the agents are made to play the role of difficult and upset customers, and the rest of the agents play the role of agents trying to calm down and offer solutions to those customers. The role is reversed for every agent so that everyone gets a chance to play the role of agents and customers.

The managers and supervisors at Philippines call centers mark the agents on their performance and retrain agents who have not been able to reach the standard expected from them.  Only when the agents are able to offer the kind of service expected of them, can the training session be called successful.

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