How to Change into a Multi Channel Call Center: 3 Re-Architecting Tips

Multi Channel Call Center Tips

Fusion CX has made the move. They have taken steps sometimes back to change their ordinary call center into a multi-channel call center. However, in the beginning, the change seemed to be a bit overwhelming, but none says that to acquire good things you need to walk on smooth roads.

How will a standard call center change into a multi-channel call center? Here, we are going to share three bragging tips to give your call center a competitive edge.

What did Fusion CX do to transform their call center? Here, we will find the steps Fusion CX took to introduce the new look to solve customer problems in an upright manner.

Let us glide through the three tips to see how Fusion CX has moved with the change.

TIP 1: Engage the Channel That Your Customers Use the Most

You will find a number of channels, but you should use the one that your customer prefers to use the most. If you are not certain, ask your agents like the way we do at Fusion CX.

Agents are the frontline hence they have a considerable exposure to the customers that lead to their insights, which we have utilized.

We discussed every move of the new channel with our agents and involved them in the process. They are part of the successful implementation of the multiple channels at Fusion CX.

TIP 2: Have a Structured Plan and Fit in with Appropriate Agents

As soon as you select the channel to deliver your services, you need to draw out a plan to answer the following questions:

  • Which type of channel will you like to implement at your workstation?
  • Number of agents will be required.
  • The guidelines you need for the new channel.
  • What should be the length of the campaign?
  • Results that you want to generate at the end of the campaign.
  • How will you measure the results generated?

The most determining part here is the agents whom you select to steer the campaigns and will get determined by the type of channel you choose.

For example, at Fusion CX when we think about testing chat based services we look out for the millennial agents because chatting is a medium where Gen X and Gen Y (millennial) can jam up pretty well.

Make sure that the agents you choose for the multi-channel platform have a strong email writing skills and can scribble down mails and text that are more customer-oriented.

TIP 3: Time to Implement the Plan and Evaluate

When you think to implement the plan, start gathering feedback. If a part of your campaign is stuck, do make changes in the fly. It’s time to listen to your agents. The right team will give you clear and concise feedback on, what is working and what is not. How are you going to fix the improper things?

Ask for agents suggestions. Document the results to have a clear picture on the campaign success. After you compile the results generated, you will be able to determine whether or not the channel installed meet your needs.

These are the general tips that will tell you to reconstruct your general call center into a multi-channel user. In order to stay ahead in business, we have to move with the trend.

Equip your call center with the best customer service channel to shoot up the positive customer satisfaction rate.

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