Fusion CX Turns Cold Calls Hotter

Cold Calling

Cold calling! Let us be honest. Cold Calling is really a tough process that the outsourcing industry incorporates. Can you imagine a telemarketer has to make 100 calls per day and that too each call should be like a fresh call?

Agents should stay aware of their tonal quality and shake all the jerks out of their voice when they handle a cold call. With the repetitive call handling, there are high chances of being burnt out and become discouraged.

What happens if the telemarketing agent fails to convince a customer or turns them irate? In general, the customers think to teach the telemarketers a lesson, so that they never call again.

How Fusion CX Thinks?

Fusion CX thinks a little differently, we are professional in our approach. If we hear about displeased customers, our agents quickly get off the phone and make sure that we do not call the customer for the next three months. After that, he will forget that a rant has ever taken place.

Fusion CX trains their agents effectively so that they dedicate themselves while disbursing the calls. We train them to create opportunities that were otherwise closed. Representing progression is the main aim of our agents.

We serve our clients to place their product/service in the target market. The products we sell for our clients may not be the perfect fit for customers, but it is an extremely helpful tool for our business clients to gain an edge over the competitors.

According to the Survey Report of Intelligent Dialogue, cold calls are a useful customer retention tool. Well it is useful, since cold calls let our agents meet different types of people and it is unavoidable for them to get distracted while speaking to various types of people.

Whatever role an agent plays in the sales cycle, they have to make a daily assessment of their duties to fix their selling processes. To make the cold calls hotter we ask our agent to prepare a chart before making calls for the particular day:

  1. Prepare a list of the calls and the emails they have to make
  2. Making calls to certain important numbers before the lunch
  3. Try to make the call a little personal in approach

All they need is to divide the time for the number of calls according to the “conversation pattern” and the “emotional touch” they need to give to hit the goal of every week.

Warming Up the Cold Calls

Juggernaut Marketing Communications, who specializes in creative marketing with industry experts says in their survey, to make the cold calls hotter one has to clearly understand the sales process and prepare a plan. They are asking to equip the agents with a script infested with business information.

Fusion CX thus makes an effective script for helping their agent during follow-ups to increase visibility of the sales pipeline.

Mark Cuban, the wildly successful entrepreneur believes that everyone can benefit from the cold calls by spending a couple of years. All they need is to focus and maintain a soft approach to convince the customers. As tough approaches, do not allow anyone to become the winner.

Fusion CXs’ agents use the special skills during the phone calls to generate leads and make them appreciate “wins” even after speaking to a number of irate customers.

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