6 Ways Fusion CX Is Managing High Call Volume During COVID-19 Crisis

Managing High Call Volume During COVID-19

Unlike most other call center services provider, Fusion CX has responded to the current COVID-19 crisis with utmost promptness and transitioned almost 75% of its predominantly brick and mortar call center workforce to a work-at-home setup to ensure business continuity of its clients.

However, for us, the challenge was to manage the high call volume during this crisis-driven transition while maintaining the same level of customer service. With our flexible and adept work-at-home solution, Fusion CX has not only overcome the challenge but has also ensured customer service excellence. Here’s how we are overcoming the challenge:

1. Scheduling optimization

At Fusion CX, we understand that maximizing resources is critically important for managing call volumes that are reaching new heights. During the COVID-19 crisis, right forecasts and flexible scheduling have become our most significant aid. Our integrated scheduling tools help us match availability and skill sets so that we can place the right agents, in the right capacity, and at the right time.

2. Analyzing issues and trends

Our contact center analytics allow us to monitors 100% of interactions across channels and help us gain insight into customer concerns. It helps us to handle an influx of calls and find additional ways to serve customers faster. Real-time analytics are used to provide additional support to agents with automated alerts sharing new information even during ongoing customer interaction.

Our in-depth analytics insights are helping our clients develop new FAQs to offer their customers with the right information through self-service options. It can also reveal opportunities for proactive customer support.

Monitoring and analyzing each interaction are helping us determine when a change in script or additional agent training and coaching is required. In this uncertain time, customers are already anxious. Agents often need to show more empathy and go off the script to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, At Fusion CX, we make sure to equip our agents with additional training, information, and change of regulations wherever needed.

3. Training and coaching agents for the new situation

In times of uncertainty, the stress level of both customer and agent stress levels are higher than usual. To keep agents focused on delivering high quality customer service even during the peak hours, we are providing our agents with the daily training and coaching they need. Even when a large section of our workforce is working from home, we have adopted training and coaching processes to cater to the work-at-home situation. We have also launched several agent engagements programs to keep our agents motivated and develop a strong sense of community, resulting in fewer agent attrition.

We have also helped our agents build knowledge and align their behavior with customer needs with gamification techniques. These techniques allow us to keep the agents motivated and engaged through quick and continuous feedback via our in-house employee management system.

4. Engaging and motivating our remote workers

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have transitioned 75% of our workforce in a work-at-home setting. As a result, we are facing a new continuity of service and agent engagement challenges. We use analytics to keep at-home agents on track with new KPIs. Apart from that, we also provide continual feedback, make learning new things fun, and motivate agents to boost performance and stay engaged through gamification. It enhances the way our remote agents interact with customers, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

5. Supporting agents with self-serve options

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are experiencing high call volumes. As a result, maintaining the usual wait, hold, and transfer time is becoming quite challenging. However, to keep our customers satisfied, we are determined to offer them prompt service with minimal wait time.

To overcome this challenge, we are working tirelessly with our clients to provide their customers with a robust self-service option. We are also offering live chat and email support services to provide the customers with prompt support while reducing the call volume. Our AI-powered chatbots, too, can offer our clients the option to handle a large volume of interactions without any human intervention. These solutions have significantly reduced the number of call volume. As a result, we can resolve customer issues in the quickest possible time.

6. Acknowledging and equipping essential frontline workers

At Fusion CX, we acknowledge the vital role our agents play in the business continuity program of our clients. The quick transition from a brick and mortar call center to a work-at-home setup would not have been possible without them. Fusion CX is committed to supporting our agents with the knowledge and tools they need to overcome the challenge of a new work environment and excel despite it.

These are some of the ways Fusion CX is overcoming the challenge of high call volume during the current COVID-19 crisis. To know more about our Work-at-Home Solutions, contact us today!

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