Take Your Medical Company to The Next Level with Call Center Services for Medical Devices

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, especially in the medical device and technology sector, thanks to the latest innovations in healthcare technology and consumers' mass medical tech adoption. However, the rapid growth also led to challenges like changing market scenario, rise of consumerism, pricing constraint, decreasing profit margins, and increasing competition. With the right contact center solutions for medical devices manufacturers and distributors, it is possible to overcome all these challenges and accelerate business growth.

Fusion CX's experts have an in-depth understanding of current regulations in the global healthcare landscape. With advanced training and a comprehensive study of a constantly-evolving marketplace, our call center services for medical device can ensure prompt and on-time inquiry and complaint handling, delivering convenient and consistent resolutions in every customer interaction.

As the medical device sector increasingly adopts customer-centric strategies, customer support will become an integral part of the industry. In addition to efficient patient communication, other call center services for medical devices companies continue to make invaluable contributions toward lead generation, sales, and after-sales support, among others.

At Fusion CX, our multifaceted call center services for medical devices will help your business easily overcome major industry-specific challenges and maximize customer retention and business growth in a constantly-evolving marketplace and the global healthcare landscape.


Medical Application Support

At Fusion CX, we provide constant support regarding installation and setup and all basic and advanced features of the applications. In addition, we offer customized communications, helping customers with personalized assistance.

Product Guidance & Promotions

At Fusion CX, we train our customer support representatives to have a complete understanding of medical devices so that they are able to deliver expert guidance to customers on the proper usage of their medical devices.

Customized Technical Support

Our contact center representatives understand that customers are not always well-equipped to comprehend the instructions provided on the user manuals for medical devices. Our Call Center Services for medical devices ensure customized instructions to help users resolve their queries and issues regarding medical devices.

Medical Device Reporting

At Fusion CX, our contact center solutions for medical devices manufacturers and distributors are compliant with HIPAA and other international and regional regulatory bodies. It ensures on-time resolutions for all medical device-related complaints from customers while ensuring maximum data protection.

Inquiry Handling

Our 24/7 inquiry handling services offer appropriate resolutions for customers' inquiries. In addition, their empathetic engagements ensure that your customers are able to enjoy satisfactory experiences in every interaction.

Complaints Management

We offer medical devices complaint handling with the utmost care and diplomacy, not only to resolve the customers' issues promptly but also to increase customer retention and ensure continued association between the brand and the customers.

Order Processing

We will maximize on-time order processing for you to ensure superior customer experience deliveries while reducing complications and other potential challenges with your internal operations.

Billing, Return & Refund

Our contact center agents will help your customers with end-to-end return assistance and process their billing and refund requests quickly to ensure a superior CX.


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    Application support & technical assistance

    We offer round-the-clock application support and technical assistance in easy terms to help your customers resolve product-related issues and queries.

    Multilingual customer services in 40+ languages

    We offer support in over 40 languages so that your customers can have the convenience of communicating in their language. It also drives faster resolution and higher CX.

    Omnichannel customer support

    We offer omnichannel customer support solutions through via phone, email, text, web chat, etc., to ensure a seamless CX delivery.

    Compliant contact center solutions

    We adhere to all industry regulations and compliances to help you deliver the industry-best CX delivery at each interaction


    The United States of America

    Fusion CX's strong presence in the United States of America allows us to offer premium call center Services for Medical Devices company in every corner of the country.


    Our contact center in Canada has allowed us to provide industry-leading nearshore contact center solutions for medical devices manufacturers and distributors while also delivering customized and scalable solutions to medical device businesses around North America and the world.

    El Salvador

    We deliver efficient and cost-effective customer support to medical device companies in the NALATAM region in both Spanish and English.


    Our offices in jamaica allow businesses to maximize their operations while improving medical device complaint handling with cost-effective contact center solutions, which enhances their business's profitability and bottom line.


    We deliver customizable and scalable call center services for medical devices companies in the North American and South American continents, ensuring superior customer experience management from our call center in Mexico.


    Our offices in Colombia help us offer multilingual & omnichannel customer services to Medical devices companies in multiple countries.

    The United Kingdom

    Our contact center in the United Kingdom helps us deliver sophisticated Medical device-related customer services to our clients in the United Kingdom and the rest of the EMEA region.


    From our contact centers in Albania, we offer professional and multilingual Call Center Services for Medical Device to our massive clientele in the European continent.


    With our latest contact center in Kosovo, we can cater to the outsourcing needs of new medical device businesses in the Middle East and the surrounding areas.


    We have three contact centers in Morocco, which has enabled us to amplify our service offerings to medical device businesses in the EMEA region.


    With over 10 locations around the country, we can deliver top-quality Medical Devices Customer Support Services to our local, national, and international clients.


    Our result-driven healthcare call center services ensure that your patients have the finest experiences with your medical organization. Our center in Colombia helps you deliver results in terms of patient loyalty and revenues.


    Our contact centers in Indonesia allow us to offer competitive prices while making zero compromises on the quality of our medical device customer services.


    the professional expertise of the massive talent pool in Thailand enables us to deliver premium call center services for Medical Devices company.



    How can medical device manufacturers address customer service challenges?

    Medical device companies face several challenges with their customer service. The biggest reason for this is the fact that medical device manufacturers primarily focus on R&D activities and industry regulations. Hence, it would greatly help to outsource customer support for medical devices suppliers specializing in medical device-related customer support. It will help medical device manufacturers deliver competent customer support while not having to deal with the stress of customer engagements.

    How does outsourcing customer support boost your business's customer acquisition?

    By outsourcing your medical device business's customer engagement to a professional contact center company, you ensure satisfactory customer experiences across the board. It contributes to your brand identity and reputation in the market through positive reviews and word-of-mouth promotions.

    How can you improve customer support for your medical device business?

    Employing top experts for your customer support team can be quite challenging and take away a lot of valuable resources from your core business operations. On the other hand, Fusion CX's global network employs a massive workforce of more than 12,000 trained and experienced professionals. So, it is wise to outsource customer support for medical devices suppliers to us.

    Is it expensive to outsource Medicare device customer service?

    Fusion CX's contact center solutions can be easily customized to your medical device business's unique requirements. We can create the perfect program to match your requirements and budget to help you deliver the best customer support. It also enables us to offer industry-standard Medical Device Call Center Services without charging high prices.