Supercharge Customer Engagement and Experience with An Energy Call Center Partner

As energy usage grows, the energy sector is facing unprecedented challenges in a rapidly changing marketplace. These include grid modernization, government regulation changes, technological advancements, cyber-security threats, rising shareholder and customer expectations, and the reduced cost of renewable energy sources. As these challenges disrupt the legacy systems and business models of the energy industry, energy companies are focusing on a customer-centric business approach to retain their customers, sustain their growth, and improve their revenue.

Standing today, customer-centricity has become a crucial factor that can transform the landscape for energy providers across all markets. With business and residential customers demanding intelligent solutions to manage energy consumption and reduce costs, expanding the customer service model from transactional to relationship-oriented is a viable way to retain their customers. Utility companies are finding that the road to success in the digital age calls for a strategic data-driven approach in which innovation and improvements are directed by customer insights and analytics.

As a leading provider of call center solutions for energy services providers, we offer a wide range of customer-centric services to help you deliver a superior customer experience at each interaction. With our multilingual and omnichannel capability, we can ensure seamless customer experience across all channels and in over 40 languages. Our contact center solutions for the energy sector are designed to improve your customer engagement, acquisition, and retention while ensuring sustainable business growth. With us as your energy BPO partner, you are wired for success.


Customer Service

We ensure best-in-class customer service and support with our energy contact center services. In addition, we streamline your complaint handling and resolution through various communication channels.

Customer Win-back

Our call center solutions for energy include customer win-back services to help you gain back lost customers with appropriate strategy execution.

Outbound Customer Retention

Through our various strategies and channels, we help you retain customers by improving your brand’s relationship with them.

Third-party Verification

Apart from customer support and telemarketing, we can offer you third-party verification to ensure that your customer details are up-to-date and accurate.

Lead Generation

We enhance your business reach and help you generate high-quality leads. These conversion-ready leads fill your sales pipeline for an increased ROI and revenue.

Customer Acquisition

Meet your sales targets with our energy contact center services that help you make sales through multiple channels including voice, email and chat.

Outbound Renewal

As a big percentage of your business comes from customer contract renewal, we ensure that you get high number of renewals with our expert energy call center services.

Quality Assurance

We use the latest tools to ensure maximum quality and compliance adherence in our energy call center services. With our AI-driven process we can guarantee 100% quality assurance.


27 Centers in
14 Countries




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    Personalized Approach

    we have adopted a customer-centric approach that allows us to offer personalized call center support to your customers.

    Expertise And Support

    We have a team of industry experts who work closely with you to design the customer experience you want for your customers.

    Proactive Customer Engagement

    We offer proactive customer support that enables you to reach out to your customers with the right messages and boosts their satisfaction.

    Superior Experience

    We help you design and deliver a superior customer experience, which boosts customer loyalty and brand reputation for your business.

    Customer Data Protection

    As a SPOC2 and ISO 27001 certified energy call center, we ensure complete information security for your customer data. With us, you are protected against cyber threats.

    Skilled Staff

    We have 12000+ highly-skilled employees in 14 countries who can ensure better customer experience by leveraging a blend of empathy and innovation.



    Give your customers in the EMEA region the convenience of superior customer support with our competent call center solutions for energy services providers. It will help your customers get timely answers to their problems.


    Allow your energy business customers in the Balkan region to enjoy the best customer service with Fusion CX’s industry-leading contact center solutions for energy in Kosovo and maximize customer retention.


    Delivering superior customer support is the key to optimum retention and additional revenue generation. With Fusion CX, you can guarantee top-notch energy call center services that will ensure superior customer experience management.

    United Kingdom

    Your energy customers in the United Kingdom need sophisticated customer engagements. Fusion CX’s superior-quality contact center solutions for energy services provider will help you deliver top-notch engagement in each interaction.


    Our customizable and scalable energy contact center services will enable you to ensure personalized engagement to your diverse customer base from every corner of the country and maintain consistency in CX deliveries.

    El Salvador

    Address the unique challenges of your energy customers in El Salvador and deliver custom solutions with Fusion CX’s scalable contact center solutions for energy sector. We will also help you maintain consistency in CX deliveries.


    Ensure that your energy company is always available for your customers with our round-the-clock customer support that offers prompt and immediate resolutions for optimum customer satisfaction.

    The Philippines

    Enjoy unlimited access to top-quality contact center solutions for energy services provider in the Philippines with our scalable call center services for prompt, immediate, and accurate customer support.


    Fusion CX’s customizable contact center solutions for energy sector will help you identify your customers’ unique requirements and deliver the ideal solutions.


    Fusion CX’s presence in Indonesia ensures that you can avail the top call center services for energy companies to deliver top-notch multilingual and omnichannel support to your valuable customers in the APAC market.

    United States

    Provide your energy customers with prompt and appropriate resolutions for satisfactory customer experiences in every interaction with our result-oriented energy contact center services.


    Ensure maximum consistency in your customer support across all provinces in Canada with Fusion CX, a top provider of call center for energy contact center services in Canada.


    Being a premier provider of contact center solution for energy services providers, Fusion CX can help you deliver industry-leading call center services that will resolve your customers’ problems.


    Maximize customer retention and revenue generation with our round-the-clock energy call center services in Mexico and the US.



    What kind of energy services can be outsourced?

    Energy providers routinely opt for energy call center
    outsourcing services such as inbound customer service, lead generation and sales, emergency support during disruption, account receivable management and collections, and customer experience management.

    Why should I outsource our utility services to Fusion CX?

    Fusion CX provides global-standard energy contact center
    services from 27 locations in 14 countries. We are a leading name in the energy call center domain. With our custom, scalable CXM solutions, Energy companies can improve business outcomes.

    Is it expensive to outsource?

    Energy contact center services are cost-efficient. Energy call center outsourcing services come with flexible pricing. Whether you are a large energy company or a start-up, you can contact us for a detailed discussion on pricing.