Managing Web Leads in the Most Effective Way

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Businesses today know the importance of search engine optimization for increasing the visibility of their websites, and thus more and more consumers are filling up the online lead forms. What do you suppose consumers do after filling up the web forms? Well, they wait for you to contact them. Lead generation will not be successful if web leads are not responded to well.

Recent surveys have proved that the average email response times for businesses/customer service providers should be less than an hour, while it is around 20 hours. Shocking. The average phone response time is also around 40 hours, while customer service providers must respond within the first 5 minutes.

The response must be prompt for lead generation to be successful; consumers are masters of their minds and will not choose to wait for you to respond. Make the most of the time.

How fast do you respond to your web leads? Share your opinions on making the most of leads that come through your websites.

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