Driving Leads through Social Media for Small Businesses

Lead generation from Social Media

Among the top emerging channels for lead generation, social media is a renowned vehicle. Small businesses often do not care to make efforts in using the social media channel for qualified lead generation, but this is wrong. According to the annual Unisfair marketing survey conducted social media is the topmost emerging steady source for gaining new customers.

What efforts businesses can make?

Apart from having social media updates on the social networking sites, call centers in Philippines also make efforts towards including links, so that ideas can be expanded. Businesses often harbor misconceptions that just having pages created on different social media sites suffices the purpose of lead generation. It is not so; Philippines call centers make efforts on behalf of businesses to promote the social media presence of businesses every possible way.

Online conversations among individuals in form must be monitored top uphold brand image and defend products/services against competitors. All queries/issues from customers must be promptly responded to.

Do you agree that your social media presence must be treated just like your other customer service initiatives? Share your opinions and experience.

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