Phone Answering -Implementation of Call Back Using IVR

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Call back feature is used in the live answering service call centers when callers call the numbers and then disconnects without waiting for a respondent to answer the call. The live answering service agents are required to dial the number back from where the missed call was made and get in touch with the person.

The call back feature is implemented through smart IVR that performs different tasks. The caller ID must be detected first and foremost by the call answering service and also looked up in a database to find out if the caller ID is registered for a call back service. In case, the caller ID that is detected is found to be a registered user for the call back service, an outbound call must be made to the number.

Once the caller ID takes the call, there must be a prompt for entering the phone number. The IVR system now makes another outbound call to the phone number that is entered at the prompt and then gets it bridged with the previous call.

The call back feature is a great tool for lowering the call costs and also effective when the phone answering service does not want the subscribers to make the support calls. This can be a substitute for the toll free numbers; when customers dial toll free numbers, they are not charged for the calls, but the call center services provider has to pay per minute charges for the call. Thus, usage of IVR is a cost effective option for the call centers.

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